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Orderry is cloud-based field service management software
that helps window cleaning service businesses
be more productive in everyday operations

More Efficiency in the Field

Field service businesses like window cleaning need a tool that is convenient to use while on the go. The Orderry Work Orders application provides window cleaners access to client information, work orders, and tasks. They can follow the complete cycle of job processing from work order creation to accepting payments on a smartphone or tablet.

The app also helps streamline communication for field service and office teams—quick contacts with clients and managers, comments, private notes, and history of actions done in one place.

Easy Scheduling of Window Cleaning Jobs

Window cleaning scheduling software lets you schedule your crew and relocate resources efficiently. As soon as a service is scheduled in the Work Order Scheduler, Orderry automatically alerts employees and sends window-cleaning service reminders to clients, notifying them of arrival times. 

Combined with the Employee Work Schedules, you’ll have a calendar view of your cleaners’ time to distribute the workload among team members evenly.

Organized Inventory of Consumables and Equipment

Orderry offers helpful features to manage all types of inventory your company has—from window cleaning products to vans.

  • Digital warehouses for products and assets
  • Automatic write-off to work orders
  • Bin locations and serial accounting
  • Four stocktaking methods to count inventory
  • Stock level control

More Jobs Done in Less Time

Create an effective workflow so every window cleaning job is completed on time and according to your quality standards.

  • Status sequences for various job types
  • Status Time Limits to remove bottlenecks in your workflow 
  • Real-time notifications to clients on job progress
  • Flexible forms and custom templates to keep records of relevant data

Orderry helps increase customer satisfaction in field service businesses

Excellent Customer Service

Provide your employees with an easy-to-access and logically structured database of customer details to offer a unique customer experience.

  • Event Feed to follow previous interactions, services provided, and payments received from a particular client
  • Discount setup for current customers
  • Automatic review requests with a link for customers to rate your services

Higher Lead Conversion Rates

Ensure your employees correctly handle all potential customers your window washing business attracts.

  • Connect Twilio VoIP to process service requests on the phone
  • Integrate social media chats to organize conversations with your target audience in one place (coming soon)
  • View Lead reports to assess how effectively your team converts leads into clients

Streamlined Estimating and Invoicing

Speed up generating quotes and invoices when you charge customers for window cleaning jobs. Use preset templates, customize design, and add relevant fields so your documents look professional and up-to-the-point each time. Email or send a link to your documents for the client’s approval.

Accurate Accounting Process

Use Orderry financial management features to lower accounting workload, reduce expenses, and increase profit.

Efficient Management of Daily Business

Use the built-in task manager in Orderry to assign, delegate, and complete various tasks on time.

  • Task count and to-do lists
  • Commissions for completed tasks
  • Tasks in the context of clients and work orders

Reduce admin time and focus on growing your window-cleaning service business

Analytics that Drive Growth

The Company Insights Report gives you a bird’s view of your company’s performance. Identify sales dynamics, seasonality changes, and patterns in business activity over various periods. Use diagrams and trends to visualize data and gain valuable insights to inform strategic decision-making.

Mobile Application for Business Leaders

The Business Insights app for business owners and executives lets you manage your window cleaning company from wherever you are.

  • Daily KPIs and cashbox balances
  • Quick contact with clients and employees
  • Customer reviews
  • 2-factor authentication

Tools to Eliminate Internal Security Threads

Window cleaning service software helps you prevent data leaks and unauthorized activity in the program:

  • See who did what and when on one page of the Activity Log Report
  • Set up two-level access rights to cashboxes and warehouses to secure your most valuable business units

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Self-service Help Center
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What is window cleaning software?


Window-cleaning business software is a specialized tool designed to streamline and automate various tasks and processes in window-cleaning businesses. This software typically includes scheduling and dispatching, client tracking tools, invoicing and billing, route optimization, and employee tracking. It allows window cleaning companies to efficiently manage their operations, improve productivity, and provide better customer service. Window cleaning software solutions help organize and track appointments, manage customer information, generate invoices, and monitor the progress of cleaning jobs.

How much does a subscription to Orderry cost?


Orderry solution for window cleaning offers flexible pricing plans that fit various business types and sizes—from solo entrepreneurs to established enterprises. A monthly subscription fee depends on the number of users you’d like to have in your account and the feature set. A basic pricing plan costs $39/month and includes two employee users. To decide what features you need, evaluate all the functionality during free trials or schedule a demo with our automation expert.

Does your window cleaning management software have a mobile application?


Sure, it does, and even two. The first one, the Orderry Work Orders, allows you to easily manage field services on a smartphone or tablet. The second one is Orderry Business Insights. This app helps business owners and managers monitor the company’s performance in real-time and contact team members and clients. Both applications are free for Orderry subscribers.

What features should I look for in cloud-based field service management software?


There are several key features to consider when looking for cloud-based field services software:

  • Your perfectly matching solution should have a robust scheduling and dispatching system that allows for efficient allocation of resources and real-time updates on job statuses. This helps to streamline operations and ensure that field technicians are dispatched to the suitable locations at the correct times.
  • The software should have a mobile app enabling field workers to access job details, customer information, and any necessary documentation in the field. This enhances productivity and allows for quick and accurate data entry.
  • Integration capabilities are crucial, as the software should be able to integrate with other systems, such as accounting software, to ensure seamless data flow and avoid duplication of effort.
  • Reporting and analytics tools are also essential for tracking key performance indicators, monitoring technician performance, and identifying areas for improvement.

An all-around field service management solution should have these features to optimize efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

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