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Auto Parts, Tools
& Bays Management

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Simple Quoting & Invoicing

Integrated inventory and asset tracking, customer and supplier balances, payments,  and settlements

Labour Tracking & Payroll

Keep track of all critical information as it flows, access real-time Dashboard Analytics,  or take on automated  email reports

& Mobile Service

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Orderry is cloud-based management software for truck shops of all sizes

Effectively Schedule Repairs and Maintenance Works

With Order Scheduler, you’ll let your technicians know what repair and PM work they’ve got upcoming throughout the day or week. This way they can easily manage their assignments and increase the overall productivity.

Estimate and Invoice in Seconds

Save your team lots of time on processing documents related to repair orders. In the heavy truck repair software Orderry, you can use a default library of templates, and customize them according to your workflow.

Your employees will be able to instantly print estimates, truck repair invoices, or warranty lists right from the order window.

Stand Out with Smart Customer Management

Whether you work with occasional walk-ins or big clients with truck fleets, creating a customer database will help you better understand your target audience and, as a result, build trust and repeat business.

View all the repair history you had with a particular client, his requirements, payments, and feedback about services received. You can set up discounts, or special prices for regular customers to reward their loyalty.

Orderry helps you to keep trucks moving and customers satisfied

Reduce Truck Downtime with Transparent Order Processing

With Orderry software, you’ll speed up the assigning process of heavy truck service works as well as track every step of their completion:

  • Customize order forms according to your unique workflow
  • Add parts needed to handle a repair to orders and they will be automatically written off from your warehouse
  • Set up statuses and enable automatic alerts to techs and clients about the vehicle repair progress
  • Instantly see details about parts and labor cost of the order.

Keep Your Inventory Moving to Get the Most Value of Each Part

Just imagine, you always know what parts you currently have and where to find them. This will be your reality when you start using inventory features in Orderry:

  • tracking parts across different shops
  • organized storage with bin locations
  • alerts to refill your stock
  • easy postings, transfers, and write-offs
  • product turnover reports.

Track Availability of Tools and Bays Across Locations

Keep records of your equipment and bays you have at each truck repair shop to effectively manage them the digital way. 

  • In the Asset history, you’ll see all users and locations they’ve been to
  • In Order Scheduler, you can add tools and book bays for each repair order and see the overall availability of your resources.

Increase Efficiency of Your Mechanics

Discover the Employee Reports to see how well your techs do their job. Find out how they deal with deadlines, how many orders they complete, how often they sell parts, and so on. This way you can evaluate each tech’s performance and consider boosting their productivity with efficiency metrics.

With Orderry you can fully focus on caring for clients’ vehicles

Keep Your Finances Under Control

Easily account your sources of income and expenditure in Orderry so you can monitor your cash flow at any time.

  • See balances of cash boxes as well as payment settlements with individual clients, companies, suppliers
  • Track invoices status to get paid on time
  • Effectively plan your budget with various reports on financial stats, e.g. order and sale profit, total money over cashboxes, and locations.

Set Up Automatic Payroll to Ensure Every Work is Paid

You can use different accrual methods based on employees’ roles and KPIs, e.g. for techs and managers, fixed or percentage-based. 

Develop a flexible bonus system to reward your staff members for every great repair and sale. And Orderry will do all the complex payroll calculations for you.

Identify Slow- and Fast-Moving Parts

Inform your part assortment decision-making with detailed reports. Overview the big picture of your part sale and find fast- and slow-sellers to create a profitable mix.

See How Well Your Truck Repair Shop Is Performing

The Company Insights feature is especially useful for business owners of multi-location shops because it gives you a general summary of key business metrics.

You’ll see visualized reports on orders, average sales, employees, or payments. Use this data to improve operations at the shop and increase profits.

Offering mobile truck service? Use Orderry on the go!

Manage Your Heavy Truck Shop from Where You Are

With cloud technology, you don’t have to constantly be at your computer at work. Save time on commuting without losing track of what is going on with your business. 

Your techs and managers will also appreciate the accessibility of the program from different devices because everybody loves moving around and work remotely these days.

Get Quick and Secure Access via Orderry Boss App

Be an effective and mobile boss with our new app. You can look up revenue, real-time metrics on orders, and various reports on your phone. With Orderry Boss, you also will:

  • Chat or make a quick phone call to your workers without leaving the app
  • Enable two-factor authentication to increase data protection.

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