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QuickBooks and Xero

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Orderry provides businesses in the roofing industry with affordable tools for going digital

Stress-Free Processing of Roofing Jobs

Reduce admin time spent on job tracking and automate tedious manual tasks that distract roofers from focusing on customers and their roofing projects.

  • Create custom workflows for various work order types like installations, roof inspections, and warranty jobs. Orderry will guide your employees through each processing step, ensuring they do the job according to the set quality standards.
  • Add measurements, write off materials from stock to jobs, assign responsible crew members, and generate any necessary document in seconds.
  • Control deadlines with status time limits and follow the job progress.

Efficient Scheduling of Appointments

Plan works ahead in the Work Order Scheduler to evenly distribute the workload among your team and wisely use company assets like vans and equipment.

All-In-One Field Service Management Platform

Orderry offers a handy app for quick job processing on smartphones and tablets to support roofers in the field. It includes key features of the web version and provides your team with more possibilities to get the job done on time:

  • Attach photos and files to work orders.
  • Accept prepayments and payments on-site.
  • Leave comments and notes, and contact colleagues and clients in one tap for seamless field worker communication.

Customer Management Tools

Create a highly converting sales funnel in Orderry and automate customer communications to turn prospects into clients that will remain loyal for years.

  • Catch potential customers from different lead sources in a single database automatically.
  • Quickly access customer contacts and service history from any device.
  • Manage leads, clients, and suppliers on one platform.
  • Automate feedback collection and constantly improve customer service.

Simple Proposal Software

Orderry streamlines proposal creation and document management so you can win more jobs with less admin effort:

  • Use preset templates or create custom ones in your unique company style to send professional and branded proposals in a few clicks.
  • Estimate multiple jobs in bulk.
  • Sync with QuickBooks Online and/or Xero automatically.

Orderry helps you save time on administrative tasks and increase your crew’s productivity

Advanced Team Management Tools

Roofers must stay organized and on schedule to run a successful roofing business. From managing small day tasks to automating complex payroll calculations—you’ll find all the necessary tools in a single software:

  • Employee Work Schedules help keep track of your employees’ time and create effective schedules in seconds.
  • Automated payroll, accrual, and salary payouts take off the burden of manual calculations and eliminate human-error risk.
  • The built-in task manager allows you to manage a daily business with quick access to job and client data.

No Headache with Finances

Stay on top of your accounting tasks using the abundance of features for financial management in Orderry:

  • Company-wide and local cashboxes to track various payment types.
  • Complete control of cash flow items.
  • Individual balances and payment settlements with clients and suppliers.
  • Product returns to suppliers.

No Mess with Inventories

Digitalize your inventory processes to restock on time and reduce product shortage in your physical stock.

  • Write off roofing materials from your stock directly to work orders.
  • Track the transfer history of each item.
  • Create a profitable assortment based on insights from the Assortment Analysis Report.
  • Perform regular stocktakes using one of the four methods available.
  • Set up user access rights to warehouses on two levels.

Reporting Tools to Grow Your Roofing Business

Use data to assess your business's current stats and inform strategic decision-making. Generate reports in a few clicks, watch KPIs in real-time, and access up-to-date analytics data wherever you are.

  • 20+ reports to see how well every area of business is performing.
  • Business Insights app to track the most critical KPIs on the go.
  • Company Insights to analyze the overall performance of your roofing company.
  • The Activity Log report to quickly find out who did what and when in the company account and restore accidentally removed objects in one click.

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Affordable annual and monthly plans for businesses of all sizes and budgets

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What is software for roofing contractors?


Roofing software is a specialized tool that helps professionals in the roofing industry manage their businesses more efficiently. This software for contractors typically includes a wide range of features such as job scheduling, estimating, invoicing, and sales prospecting, all tailored to the unique needs of roofing contractors. Some roofing software providers may also offer tools for tracking inventory, managing customer relationships, organizing sales processes, and generating reports. This software aims to streamline business operations, save time, and increase profitability for roofing businesses.

What features should I look for in a roofing software program?


When choosing roofing CRM software, there are several core features to look for. Firstly, it should have an easy-to-use interface that lets you quickly and easily create roof estimates, invoices, and other documents. It should also have a built-in scheduling and calendar system to enable you to manage your team's work efficiently. Additionally, it should have a work order management feature that allows you to track the progress of each job and communicate with clients and team members. Other vital features include a database to manage client relationships, mobile access to all tools, integration with accounting software, and the ability to generate reports and analytics. Ultimately, the best roofing contractor software for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

How can a roofing CRM benefit my business?


A customer relationship management system designed for the construction industry can significantly help your company by automating and streamlining many daily tasks. With customer relationship management software, your sales team can easily manage customer relationships, track leads and sales, and automate marketing campaigns. This helps you better understand your customer lifecycle and increase efficiency, allowing your employees to focus on other essential tasks. Additionally, built-in communication tools will enable you to improve customer service by responding quickly to inquiries. And with estimating tools, providing professional quotes will become a fast and smooth process. An affordable solution like Orderry will help you grow your business by improving operations and customer experience.

What kind of customer support is available with Orderry roofing software?


Depending on your subscription plan, you can access various support services. Besides supporting account owners with the essential configurations, Orderry offers onboarding and personalized webinars to employees for Business and Enterprise plan users. There are also account review and integration assistance services available for enterprise-level clients. Find out more about the Customer Support options and available range of features of each subscription plan on the Pricing page.

What professional business documents should roofing contractors generate?


To ensure your operations are organized and efficient, you should develop the following documents:

  • A contract or agreement describing each project's scope of work, timeline, and payment terms. This document protects the contractor and the client and ensures that both parties understand the expectations and obligations.
  • A proposal outlining the project's details, including the estimated cost, materials, and labor required.
  • Invoices and receipts for all transactions and maintaining accurate expenses, income, and taxes records. These documents help contractors manage their finances and comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

Can I accept credit card payments in Orderry?


No, credit card payment processing is impossible in Orderry at the moment. However, we are actively working on integrating Orderry with Stripe — a popular solution for online payments. On the Home page, you can check its implementation status.

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