Cell phone or appliance repair? Full service or one-man shop? Fieldwork, multiple locations, or franchises?

Running any of these means you have a lot going on. But we have you covered!

Timely Repairs and Good Reputation

Automate routine tasks, drive customer satisfaction, run a full-service business with ease

Earning More

Automate routine tasks,
drive customer satisfaction, run
a full-service business with ease

Focus on what adds you value, reduce distraction, integrate with other tools

Giving Control

Focus on what adds you value,
reduce distraction,
integrate with other tools

No double-entry, redundant stuff, and manual tasks to free up tons of human resources

Saving Time

No double-entry, redundant stuff,
and manual tasks to free
up tons of human resources

Cut down on back-office, get a pulse on everything in your cell phone repair shop

Managing Workflow

Cut down on back-office,
get a pulse on everything
in your company

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Cloud-Based Cell Phone Repair Shop Software That Fits Any Business Size

Stay Connected With Each And Every Client In Your Base

Orderry is an all-in-one solution designed for mobile service centers and gadget retail stores. With a powerful in-built CRM toolkit, you can have it all: quick inquiry and check-in, faster diagnostics and repair works, automated check-out, and faster billing.

Manage parts in multiple locations and your inventory system. Have all client-related data pulled together in a single intuitive online interface. Here you can always find exactly what you need.

Stick To Optimal Inventory Levels With The Best-In-Class Workflow

Use a well-thought directory with pre-configured types of breakdowns, different works and tasks, common brands, and device models. Instantly put your price list for any services, accessories, phone parts, and materials directly into the system.

Orderry will be automatically calculating your total order costs and expenses. Drill deep into your inventory system from a single easy-to-use online interface. Forget about time-consuming paperwork, tedious reconciliation, and physical stocktake.

Manage Parts And Deal With Stocktake More Intelligently

Make a good change in your inventory system with a simple yet performing set of features. Streamline check-in and accounting, maintain optimal stock levels. Manage available parts, materials, transfers, and write-offs. Automate stock refill, set timely notifications for part managers and supervisors.

Know what needs reordering long before facing a potential shortage. Bin locations and serial numbering functionality will make inventory items traceable and manageable, from stocktake to end-usage in repairs and over-the-counter sales.

Instantly Attach Photos to Orders from Your Smartphone

With the Orderry Camera app for iOS, you’ll be able to quickly capture all important details about devices your clients bring in for repair or service. Take photos with your smartphone camera and add them to the order via the app in seconds.

Boost Revenue And Motivation With Effective Payroll Calculation

Motivating and promoting every team member is no more a problem. Set the process of payroll creation on autopilot with any performance benchmarks, bonus programs, percentage-based or fixed rewards of your choice in just a few clicks.

Easily Focus On Things That Matter For Your Business

Track all important performance indicators using an electronics repair shop software by Orderry that feels just like it was tailored and fine-tuned individually to your daily operation. Generate custom reports, instantly review your progress in the Company Insights.

Check what service, part, or retail actually makes you money. Easily detect ineffective advertising or marketing channels that need careful attention. Get rid of all redundant stuff to concentrate on the tasks that deliver critical value to your business.

Manage Your Business On the Go With the Orderry Boss App

Be aware of what is going on with your company without being attached to the physical location. Right on your smartphone, you’ll see all the key metrics about revenue and profit, employee performance, and reviews from your clients.

Within the app, you can also get in touch with your team, track the time and IP address of their last sign-in, and enable the two-factor authentification.

Choose Different Role-Based Access Permissions For Users

Use a flexible set of user permissions to ensure your service managers, parts specialists, and tech crew have the necessary access levels to get the job done. Easily distribute tasks between your teammates, partners, or independent contractors.

Get an overview of their efficiency, keeping your service quality within the highest standard — no matter how much additional workforce or unique service delivery layers you have. Make controllable disposition and meet your KPIs with a single tool.

Automate Your Business With Orderry

RemOnline is available from any device: smartphone, tablet, PC

  • Get down to business as soon as you sign up
  • No download, install, or extra tech staff required
  • We keep working hard to be even more intuitive
  • Your account can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, or PC
  • We are all about your privacy and data security
  • Our Support Team is always at your service for any functionality or UX issue.

Cell Phone Repair Shop Software To Drive Your Business

Every modern service business needs an easily accessible solution to manage clients, jobs, and assets. And Orderry is exactly what you’re looking for.

Streamline the lion’s share of daily routine and make your operation run on autopilot:

  • check-in, order management, work assignments, and tasks
  • inventory management for parts, materials, and assets across all of your locations
  • retail
  • financial management
  • payroll calculation, fixed rewards, and bonuses for managers, operators, and specialists
  • automated notifications for clients
  • lead routing, in-built CRM toolkit to manage incoming and outgoing calls.

Additionally, it is possible to easily print receipts, stickers, and other common documents directly from your favorite browser. Give a spur to more rapid and intelligent development of your business with us!

Electronics Repair Shop Software To Boost Sales

Pull together your clients, jobs, and services into a single base, which is always safe and secure in the cloud. Each and every order is now at your fingertips. Use special badges to quickly review active, outdated, and pending orders. Drill deeper into the order history, payments, calls, and messages using unified customer profiles.

Streamline check-ins using a rich library of ready-made templates that you can easily configure to fit your unique workflow by:

  • cell phone brand and model
  • type of breakdown and works/services
  • related parts and materials
  • anything else you may need during repairs.

Save up to 20 minutes with every order processed. Stay protected against any unexpected occurrences, as now you have all parts, materials, and specialists displayed in a single interface to make a quick transfer/change when you have to.

Inventory And Sales Management At Your Fingertips

Get everything in place with stocktake, write-offs, and inventory transfers for every part, material, and asset. Make only timely purchases to refill your inventory at the best price. Keep inventory transfers across multiple warehouses always on track, simply, and with ease.

Mobile Phone Repair Shop Software For Financial Management

Check your cash desks, track cash flows, generate invoices, and delve deep into payment history — all in one click. With Orderry, every side of your financial management can be finally covered.

Take Your Business Under Control

Management and supervision are among the most important things for every business owner to always keep on track. Turn reporting into a helping hand that gives you full control and transparency over your daily workflow. Set reporting on autopilot: see total cash amount available, measure net income, calculate payrolls, report on orders, ad campaigns, calls, feedback, and merely anything you may need to stay up-to-date with your actual performance in real-time.

Use the Company Insights dashboard to get timely performance indicators and make only data-driven decisions.

Calls And SMS

Now you can easily streamline your customer communication through different channels. Set up scheduled notifications and custom alerts to keep your happy clients always informed on the expected date of fulfillment or when you need to collect feedback.

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Make Your Workflow Simple And Convenient With Orderry

Focus on what adds you value, reduce distraction, integrate with other tools

Get started once you sign up.
No additional download or
software installation required

Accessible via smartphone

Accessible via smartphone,
tablet, or PC with flexible
subscription plans

All forms, templates, and lists

All forms, templates, and lists
can be custom-tailored to your
business needs and unique workflow

Safety and security

Safety and security. We are very
serious about the privacy and
sustainability of your business

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