Orderry features for your Smartphone Repair Shop

Increased incomes

Orderry boosts your income substantially and reduces the expenses of your repair shop

Full control

Monitor your workshop activity and manage your employees

Saving time

Orderry automates routine processes and saves up to 20 minutes on each order processed

Organizing the workflow

Orderry puts your orders, documents, and reports on track

Try out Orderry for Smartphone Repair Shop for free during a 7-day trial.

Why consider Orderry for your Repair Shop business?

Know your client

Orderry is a cloud application with built-in client cards. This significantly accelerates the registration process. Moreover, your client data is gathered in a single database, where you can find the history of his or her orders, calls, payments, and messages.

Process your orders faster

Our Orderry CRM has a directory with pre-configured types of breakdowns, works, brands, device models. Set the price list for your services, accessories, phone parts for Orderry can automatically calculate the total order cost.

Improve your inventory management and monitor parts usage

Orderry performs accounting for all your inventory items, tracks their write-offs and transfers, automates the purchases and notifies you and your employees about the stock shortage of the products and parts. 

Enabling address storage and serial accounting functionality makes all items traceable, meaning you can always find out where is the specific item.

Manage your employee rights and monitor their work

Configure user roles to restrict access to certain functionality. Assign tasks to your contractors and monitor meeting the deadlines.

Create payrolls and configure motivation system

Orderry automates your payroll creation. Moreover, you can set the bonus program for your employees. This includes both a percentage-based and fixes rewards.

Focus on what matters for your repair shop

Track all key performance indicators of your workshop on the Dashboard. Orderry allows you to generate numerous Manager Reports. You can figure out your income and expense, payroll information, employee performance data, advertising channels efficiency – all these metrics made available with Orderry reports. Don't waste your time on gathering these indicators manually and spend time on what matters for your business.

Orderry is a convenient and transparent app

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  • Get down to work as soon as you register and activate an Orderry account. No downloads and installations required;
  • Orderry stores all your business data in the cloud, meaning you can access them anywhere, anytime, from PC, smartphone, tablet, or any other modern device;
  • Our system introduces the flexible client and order forms configuration. Orderry has countless built-in directories, document templates, and notifications that suit your computer service the most;
  • The intuitive interface provides confusion-less user experience, and our highly-qualified and responsive support team assists you on your business growth journey with Orderry;
  • We transfer your data over the secure https channel and store it on the servers with a maximum protection level.
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