Orderry Inventory Stocktake Enhances Your Inventory Management

Track any product transfers

Track any product transfers

Prevent shortages and sorting issues

Prevent shortages
and sorting issues

Accelerate your inventory management performance

Accelerate your inventory
management performance

Analyze stock turnover

Analyze stock turnover

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Features You Receive With Orderry Inventory Management

Products Stock Management

You are in control of the product stock. Search and filter your products by stock, categories, warehouses. Import and export your products, print price tags, and labels.

Swift Postings And Write-Offs

Eliminate your posting and write-off routine with Orderry: set supplier guarantees, product images, control the product prices for postings. Search products for write-off by barcode, vendor code, or product name.

Stock Takes

With Orderry, stock take is a matter of a few clicks. Whether you want to perform a stock take with a barcode scanner, products import, paper sheet filling, or by uploading a stock balance – it is fast and convenient. You can also create your stock take drafts for future use. Settle your stock take with Orderry, improve your inventory management effectiveness.

Manage Your Orders And Sales With Orderry Inventory

Write-off your products into orders or sell them in your shop. You can always find your products by barcode, name, or vendor code, and sort them by warehouse or category.

Purchase Your Products Timely

Set minimum stock for your products to always have enough product items available for sale. Run your Product Stock Report to see the time of last purchase and plan a budget for future product purchases.

Track Your Items

Enable serial accounting to make your products traceable. Enter existing serial numbers or generate new ones with Orderry, print barcode labels on the fly during your postings.

Find Your Products

Orderry's bin location feature allows you to create warehouse cells for your products. This way, you can find any product item anytime, regardless of its location.

Perform Bulk Actions

Save your time by performing bulk actions with multiple products. Select the needed items and apply the changes to all of them in a single click. Transfer, write-off, change the category, or sell your products in bulk – save your time for the things that matter.

Put Your Inventory Reporting On Track

Orderry provides you with a broad range of Inventory Reports, including Product Turnover Report, Warehouse Write-Offs Report, Stock Balance Report. Save your time and increase your inventory management efficiency with Orderry Reporting System.

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