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New Orderry Integration With Xero, QuickBooks Integration Improvement

There are two types of Orderry users worldwide: those who use QuickBooks and those who use Xero. And today, we have great news for all of them.

First, please, meet Orderry Integration with Xero, online accounting software for business that connects you to your bank, accountant, bookkeeper, and other business apps.
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Also, we released some improvements for Orderry integration with QuickBooks so users worldwide could use it correctly. Let's start with this news.

QuickBooks Integration Improvement

Every QuickBooks user has a default name in the Chart of Accounts for invoices in their company settings, depending on the country. Some countries have "Sale" in default chart accounts, and others have "Sales".

Previously, when creating products and services from Orderry in QuickBooks, there was no problem if you had the name Sale for invoices in the Chart of Accounts. But if you had the name Sales, we couldn't create products and services in your QuickBooks automatically.

But the good thing is that we fixed this inconvenience, and now we can create products and services whether you have the name Sale or Sales for invoices in the Chart of Accounts.

Orderry Integration With Xero

We know how important it is for all your tools and business software to connect and work smoothly. Integration with Xero allows Orderry users:

  • Setup automatic creating of customers from Orderry in Xero
  • Automatically and manually send work orders and invoices from Orderry to Xero
  • Sync taxes configured in the Orderry and Xero accounts
  • Automatically record products and services added to Orderry's invoices and work orders in Xero

Let's take a closer look at the integration features.

Automatic Client Creation in Xero

When setting up the integration, you can tick the "Create new clients from Orderry in Xero" checkbox. It means that when you send invoices and work orders to Xero, Xero will check customers specified in them by names. If Xero doesn't find matches, it will create new clients.
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This way, you can keep your client base in Orderry and Xero synced. 

Note that the names of customers have to be unique in Xero. So if you have a few customers with identical names and send them from Orderry to Xero, Xero will record them as one person. So if you want to use this integration, it will be better to play by Xero rules and create clients with unique names in Orderry too.

Automatic sending of invoices and work orders from Orderry to Xero

As we said, it's always better when all your business tools are connected and work together smoothly. So if you want to have invoices in Xero based on all invoices and work orders from Orderry without extra clicks, you can set up the automatic sending of data from Orderry to Xero.

All you need to do is three simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Integrations page and find Xero there.
  2. Tick the checkboxes for automatic sending of invoices and work orders
  3. Choose statuses when documents have to be sent from Orderry to Xero.

xero-automatic-document-sending.webp (40 KB)
And that's all! This way, you won't need to send documents to Xero manually. But if you want to have such an option, read the following paragraph.

Manual sending of invoices and work orders from Orderry to Xero

Even when you do the best automation of your processes, sometimes you still need to do some things manually. So if you need the option of manual work order and invoice sending, you can enable it when configuring the integration.
xero-manual-document-sending.webp (51 KB)
In this case, when you need to send a document manually, all you need to do is:

  • On the Finance > Invoices page, open the required invoice and click the Send to Xero button
    invoice-send-to-xero.webp (42 KB)
  • On the Work orders page, open the required work order, click the More button, and then click the Send to Xero button
    work-order-send-to-xero.webp (45 KB)

Note that if in Xero you already have an invoice linked to the work order or invoice sent from Orderry, we will inform you about that.

Tax Configurations for Orderry and Xero Integration

First, if only one tax rate applies to your company, it's not mandatory to match taxes between Orderry and Xero accounts. No matter what documents you send from Orderry, Xero will apply to them the tax rate marked as default in your account.

But if few taxes apply to your company in Xero, you can sync them with the Orderry taxation system. Just match tax codes from Xero and Orderry when configuring the integration.
xero-taxes.webp (37 KB)

Recording of Products and Services in Xero

Here is one bonus feature that you don't need to configure anywhere. When you send work orders and invoices from Orderry to Xero, all products and services added to the documents will automatically be saved in your Xero account.

xero-products-and-services.webp (35 KB)
If you use Xero, please check its integration with Orderry. To configure correctly, use this step-by-step guide in Orderry Help Center. So if you have thoughts to share with us, please write them in the comments below or contact our Support team via chat. We appreciate any feedback, questions, and suggestions.

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