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Orderry App Update On Android: Work Order List & Work Order Details

Without a break from the previous update, we're ready to present you the next one — the work order list and work order details in the Orderry mobile app on Android!

Now, you no longer need to scan the QR code of the work order. By default, the app opens on the Work Orders tab where you will see a list of all available work orders in the selected location so you can quickly find and open the work order you need.

At the same time, it is possible to open a work order using a QR-code on the QR-scanner tab. You can also set up the Face / Touch ID, the information on the work order card, or contact the support chat on the Settings tab.

Let's now take a closer look at the Work Orders tab.

Work Order List, Filters, and Search

The list of work orders is displayed as cards that you can customize. In a few taps, you can use the filters that are already available in the web version of Orderry on the Work Orders page or use the search.
work-order-list-en.png (175 KB)
The search in the mobile app works similarly to the search in the web version. That is, you can simply enter the client's name or phone number, serial number/IMEI/VIN, brand, or asset model. You can also search for work orders by custom fields, by a work order number only, or by the client’s phone number only.

For more information on how to use the work order search, visit our Help Center.

Work Order Details in the Mobile App

Work orders open now on the Work Order Details tab. Since in the mobile app we don't have the ability to divide all the information into multiple tabs, here you will see all the data in the following order:

  • information about the work order: type, location, status, manager, and assigned specialist
  • client and asset data
  • all the fields of the work order information tab in the web version of Orderry
  • works and materials added
  • work order totals: discounts, taxes, estimated profit, and the total amount
  • work order payments

work-order-details-en.png (104 KB)
In the current version of the app, all of this information can only be viewed. However, you can still leave comments, attach and view photos and files by switching to the event feed.

You may have noticed that the order of the fields in the mobile app is slightly different from the web version. But this is done for convenience and speed of action.

For example, if you see an overdue work order, you don't have to scroll to the bottom to find the person responsible. You see this information first thing and, moreover, you can tap on the More Actions icon to call the work order manager and the client or copy the work order link.
call-client-manager-en.png (89 KB)
Tapping on the client's name will open his/her profile with all the data, the same will happen when you tap on the asset. For the time being, you can't change client or asset data either, only view it.
client-asset-info-en.png (109 KB)
With the next update, you will be able to edit work orders and change their statuses.

Update or install the Orderry Android app if you have not already done so. You can find the download link here. And if you have any comments, questions or requests, be sure to write them in the comments below the article or in the support chat.

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