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Automatic Detection of Vehicles by VIN Code

Work in the auto repair shop, detailing, or any other auto-related business area? We have pleasant news for you! Meet the VIN Lookup integration, thanks to which you'll be able to record vehicles and process work orders faster.

VIN Lookup integration allows you to automatically fill in the vehicle fields in Orderry right after entering its VIN code. So you don't need to manually enter all vehicle data, such as brand, model, year, and others.
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VIN Lookup Integration Setup

Configuring the integration is a pretty simple process. Just follow these four steps:

1. In your Orderry account, navigate to the Settings > Integrations page, find VIN Lookup and press Configure.

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2. Choose the vehicle group you want to enable automatic detection by its VIN code.

3. Match data from the VIN Lookup database with vehicle fields in Orderry.

4. Tick the Integration enabled checkbox and save settings.

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And that's all! If you need more detailed instructions, welcome to the Orderry Help Center. You will find the step-by-step instruction for the VIN Lookup integration here.

Also, our next step will be adding a similar integration for detecting vehicles by their number plates. So you can choose a more convenient way to fill in vehicle data.

Note that, on popular demand, the Tasks page became a default after logging in to the Orderry account.

If you have any questions or suggestions on this integration, please don't hesitate to leave them in the comments or contact Orderry Support via chat.

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