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Lead Conversion, Lost Leads, and Employee Performance Reports

As promised in the last update article, we're ready to introduce you to three new Lead reports: Lead Conversion, Lost Leads, and Employee Performance. Each of them has its own goals and values so let's dig into the details.

Lead Conversion Report

lead-conversion-en.png (56 KB) 
This report shows you two metrics:

  • general conversion rate from lead to work order or sale as a percentage 
  • detailed conversion into work orders and sales in numbers

How to use this information:

  1. To see the overall percentage of leads that actually bring you income. 
  2. To compare whether leads are converted into work orders or sales more often. 
  3. As all this data is grouped by the lead type, you can research which lead types have the highest and the lowest conversion rate to improve your workflow.

Now, let's move on to the following report.

Lost Leads Report

lost-leads-en.png (77 KB)
This report shows you all leads with statuses from the Lost group. How can you use it?

One option is to filter the report by lead types so you can see which of them are most likely to be lost.

Also, we always recommend our users to name statuses from the Lost group with causes of failure – for example, price, due date, late reply, etc. This way, you can analyze the most common causes and decide how to fix them. You can optimize your workflow to speed it up if it's a due date. If it's price, you can review your pricing policy or investigate whether you work with the wrong target audience that cannot afford your services.

Employee Performance Report

employee-performance-en-1.png (57 KB)
This report shows you each lead manager's general conversion rate and detailed conversion into work orders and sales in numbers. Also, you can expand the list of all leads with their types and statuses for each employee.

This data allows you to evaluate:

  • the productivity of each employee
  • which managers are better at converting leads into work orders
  • which managers are better at converting leads into sales

Also, you can see which managers are not productive at all just in a few clicks.

This report may help you to increase your company metrics. For example, you can implement masterclasses where managers with higher conversion rates share their expertise with other employees. Or you can develop KPI for each manager. When we release our new Payroll module, you will be able to set up individual commissions for lead processing.

You can export to an Excel file and print all three reports. Follow these links to read step-by-step instructions in the Orderry Help Center:

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the Orderry support team or leave your comments below.

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