Automate Repetitive Tasks to Build a Smooth Sales Funnel

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Real-time lead creation from Facebook Ads

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Sales opportunities from social media platforms on one screen

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Form submissions as triggers for automated workflows

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Higher conversion rates of potential customers into loyal ones

Test the Facebook Integration and other automation features free for 7 days

Connect Facebook & Orderry To Maximize Your Lead Generation Efforts

Instantly Retrieve Leads

Set up Zapier to transfer new opportunities to your Orderry from within Facebook Lead Ads. Automatically retrieve data and create new Leads on the go.

Accelerate Sales Pipeline

Connect Facebook business pages with Orderry to speed up your sales pipeline and free up tons of human resources for more strategic tasks. Now, your sales team can focus on more value-adding activities.

Orderry is an all-in-one CRM solution that helps businesses streamline online and offline sales

Real-Time CRM Synchronization

Make the most daunting tasks, such as exporting and uploading prospective customer lists from Facebook Lead Ads into your Orderry, run on autopilot. Make the most out of 100% automated workflow.

Set The Right Focus

Give your marketing team more flexibility and freedom to decide—time to take on things like improving marketing campaign effectiveness, customer service, or blog content.

Connecting Facebook Lead Ads to Orderry in 4 Steps

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1. Launch an ads campaign
Create lead ads using Ads Manager
or directly on your Facebook page

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2. Add a CRM connector
Sign up to Zapier and pick
a template to integrate your
Facebook Ads with Orderry

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3. Define data flow
Select your company’s page
on Facebook and a Lead
ad campaign to retrieve data

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4. Complete Ads connection
Choose between available
options to create a new Work Order,
Lead, or Client profile

Ready to test how Facebook and CRM work together?
Sign up today and start converting more leads into clients with less admin effort


Why use Facebook Lead Ads Integrations?


FB ads integration helps businesses convert more Facebook leads and grow their customer base. Companies can automate capturing and managing information by integrating lead ads on the world’s most popular platform with other services, such as CRM systems or marketing tools, saving time and effort. This direct connection also enables companies to easily track and analyze the success of their lead-generation campaigns, allowing for better insights and optimization. Facebook Lead Ads Integrations provide a convenient way for businesses to reach their target audience, as Facebook has a vast user base and sophisticated targeting options.

What pricing plans support third-party integrations?


Despite the Hobby plan, various integration options are available in all Orderry subscription plans. Besides social networks, you can connect your account to popular communication and accounting solutions to build a complete ecosystem of your business processes.

Does Orderry have a mobile app?


Absolutely! Orderry provides business owners with a handy Business Insights application that allows them to manage their company on the go. And for employees, there is an app for smartphones and tablets to process work orders and complete tasks while moving around.

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