Your business processes Orderry takes care of

Monitoring deadlines and order fulfillment

Monitoring deadlines
and order fulfillment

Products and materials accounting for your orders

Products and materials
accounting for your orders

Automatic notifications for clients and employees

Automatic notifications
for clients and employees

Control of order payments and debts

Control of order
payments and debts

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Why consider Orderry for your order management

Orderry aggregates all clients and orders into a single database

You can create a single client and order database for all your workshops, service centers or stores. This significantly simplifies that loyalty program configuration. Moreover, transferring a client or order to another business branch is a no-brainer with Orderry Order Management.

Customization for your order form templates

Accelerate your order processing by implementing ready-made templates. You can add, remove, and configure the headers and fields: client contacts, order fulfillment date, contractor name, job parameters, prepayments, and others. 

With Orderry Order Management, you save up to 20 minutes on each order processing.

Employee roles configuration

Orderry offers a role-based permission system, meaning you can grant and revoke certain permissions from employees, namely:

  • Accept, remove and transfer orders
  • Edit order information
  • Add and remove parts, products, materials, types of work
  • Change service and product prices
  • View client information
  • Reprint fiscal checks.

We do our best to assist you in avoiding mistakes, confusion, and employee fraud. Orderry is your solution for making the order management transparent, automatic, and efficient.

Order works tracking

You can track each and every stage of order works. The order feed displays the following events:

  • Adding a client
  • Contractor assignment
  • Adding works, parts, and materials
  • Document creation or removal
  • Sending a message
  • Making a call
  • Creating tasks for the employee
  • Order status change.

As long as you have the full history of order events, the whole process becomes convenient to manage. What is more crucial, you can always transfer the order to the other manager in case of an emergency without any pitfalls and unexpected outcomes.

Use order statuses

Create a sequence of order statuses and set a time norm for each of them. This way, the total order deadlines adjustment, and order fulfillment monitoring are entirely transparent and intuitive. 

Here's the list of order statuses you can see on the "Orders" page and Manager Dashboard:

  • New
  • Urgent
  • Overdue
  • In progress
  • Fulfilled, pending payment.

You can configure SMS gateway triggering on order status changes. This way, Orderry will send SMS notifications to clients and employees to keep them updated on the current order status.

Automatic client and employee notification

Notify your employees about order status changes and new assigned orders via SMS or email automatically. You can also notify your clients to let them know about the following order events:

  • Crucial order changes
  • Order fulfillment (you can attach total order cost)
  • Feedback request.

You can also perform an advertising mailing by integrating the external SMS gateways and exporting the client database.

Document templates

Create document templates with Orderry Order Management. The document templates list includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Receipts
  • Statement of work
  • Sales and payment receipts
  • Labels, price tags.

With Orderry smart autocompletion, you can create special variables in your templates to autocomplete fields. This makes creating and printing your documents a matter of a few clicks.

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