Client Database Management

Create a single client database, track your order history and save critical client information.

Orderry features you achieve

All clients and suppliers are gathered in a single database

Swift and convenient access to client contacts, orders, and payment

Automated statistics gathering

Personal discounts configuration

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Features you get with Orderry Client Database Management

Create a digital client database

You can always access your client-related data with Orderry Client DataBase. Call your clients via CRM or find the needed information from a tablet, PC, or smartphone. With Orderry, you are not tied to a place, time, and device you use.

Divide your database into clients and suppliers

You get a single Database for all your branches. This way, you can filter your search results by clients, suppliers, individuals, and entities. Use Orderry Smart Search to find your business contacts.

Register your clients faster

Orderry provides you with client form templates. These are the ready-made forms with pre-configured fields. Setup your client card templates to register, account, and search clients in your CRM faster.

Analyze your advertising channels efficiency

Log the source of your every client conversion in the Orderry Client Database. This gives you a grasp of how efficient your marketing is. You can generate your Client Conversion Report to discover detailed information about the clients, orders, and incomes grouped by advertising channels.

5 reasons to opt for Orderry

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  1. Swift start and intuitive interface makes it a no-brainer to learn how to work with Orderry application;
  2. Orderry stores all your clients in a single database, so the system doesn't depend on the number and dislocation of your business branches;
  3. Convenient menu and page layout, smart search and configurable filters for finding the needed information in a few clicks;
  4. Configurable tables and cards allow you to set the list of fields for display;
  5. Orderry is accessible via any modern web browser. Get access to your business management anytime and anywhere with Orderry.
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