Accessible from any device

Orderry is a cloud-based service. All you need is an internet browser.

Ticket management

Tickets are displayed in a unified table, each with its status specified (Under repair, Ready, Issued, Pending). Tickets can be searched by number, name of device, customer name, customer's phone number.


Orderry has integrated telephony system that allows set up a full-fledged call center very quickly, without having to buy expensive equipment.

It is very simple to customize your phone. Install our application to your Android phone and associate it with your account in Orderry.

By doing this, you can initiate a call from your phone by simply clicking oncustomer's phone number in Orderry. When incoming call, a card of customer calling will be displayed, where his name and information about last order will be listed. All calls are logged and recorded, so that you always will be able to listen them.

Inventory management

Keep a complete record of all merchandise and spare parts in stock. Post, write off, and move spare parts and merchandise between workshop stocks. Each item is designated by category and SKU.


Make retail sales and print receipts for customer accounts. Create detailed reports on sales and inventory balances.


Control your financial flows. All transactions involving receipts and withdrawals of funds are automatically recorded. Complete financial information is available in reports.

Pay assessment

If your business pays employees for piecework, you may specify what percentage of the value of the work performed for the ticket is to be deducted as wages. By using "Technician Reports", you can calculate wages for any specified time period.

SMS notifications

Send text messages to your clients when tickets are ready, either manually or automatically.

Print documents

Print receipts, warranty certificates, completion agreements, and sales receipts right from your browser.

We are constantly working on product enhancement, adding new features to provide the most effective solutions for our clients.