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More Automation with New Account Settings

One of the main goals of Orderry is to help you automate your business processes and maintain clear and transparent data. With that in mind, we are excited to introduce you to the new account settings in Orderry that will assist in achieving these objectives.

Here's what you can do now:

  • Restrict the use of an asset in a new work order if it's already in use in another open work order
  • Make the Client and Ad Campaign fields mandatory in the Sales
  • Prevent the creation of new clients if a phone number or email address is already associated with another client
  • Automatically create tasks from missed calls and generate leads from any incoming calls

Also, we added a set of new variables for printed documents and notification.

Each feature comes with specific details, so let's take a closer look at them, shall we?

Restriction for Using Assets in Open Work Orders

If your company's business process involves using an asset (including company assets) in a work order only once, you can now restrict adding assets that are already in use in open work orders. Simply go to the Settings > General page under the Work Orders section and tick the "Use an asset in one open work order only" checkbox.

asset-in-one-open-work-order-en.webp (50 KB)

This restriction ensures that one asset is not added to multiple open work orders simultaneously, helping you maintain your workflow efficiency.

Required Client and Ad Campaign Fields in Sales

Previously, the Client and Ad Campaign fields in the Sales section were optional, which sometimes led to sellers forgetting to fill them in, even if company rules required it. The good news is that now you can make these fields mandatory! If it's essential for you to have complete client records and track ad campaign conversions in Sales, navigate to the Settings > General page under the Sales section and configure these fields as required.

sale-fields-required-en.webp (42 KB)

Unique Phone Number and Email in Client

To maintain clear and duplicate-free data, you can now prevent the creation of new clients if a specified phone number or email address is already associated with another client. This eliminates the need to merge duplicates later on. To enable this feature, go to the Settings > General page under the Clients section and select the corresponding checkboxes.

prohibit-client-creating-with-used-phone-or-email-en.webp (40 KB)

Automatic Creation of Tasks from Missed Calls

If you have integrated Orderry with VoIP, you can set up the automatic creation of tasks from missed calls. How does it work?

Whenever there is a missed call, a new task will be generated and assigned to the employee(s) specified in the account settings. You can also configure an automatic due date. If multiple employees are assigned to the task, you can choose whether it will be a common task for all or separate tasks for each assignee.

Additionally, you can automatically link tasks to open work orders and leads if the calling client's information is in your database. This ensures that your employees can address customer needs even if they are unable to answer the call in a timely manner. You can access these settings on the Settings > General page under the new Tasks section.

tasks-from-missed-calls-en.webp (43 KB)

Automatic Creation of Leads from Missed and Answered Incoming Calls

Now, let's discuss answered calls. If you want to remember to create leads from answered incoming calls, you can set up automatic lead creation. Also, if you prefer to work primarily with leads, you can configure automatic lead creation from missed calls instead of task creation.

Orderry will automatically assign incoming calls to open work orders (if the client has one in your database) or open leads (if the client has a lead but no work order in your database). However, if you want to create a new lead for every answered incoming call, you can configure this setting, overriding the default Orderry settings.

You can also specify the default lead types and managers assigned to automatically created leads from missed and answered incoming calls. These settings can be found on the Settings > General page under the Leads section.

leads-from-incoming-calls-en.webp (33 KB)

New Variables in Templates for Printed Documents and Notifications

You often approach us with the need to display certain information in printed documents and notifications. Therefore, based on your requests, we have added a set of new variables to Orderry:

  • {Order Manager Phone} for Work Orders and Work Order List – the phone number of the order manager.
  • {Order Due Date Time} for Work Orders and Work Order List – the due date and time for completing the work order, displayed in the format DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM.
  • {Product Serial Number} for Product and Service Labels – the serial number of the product in numerical format.
  • Group of variables "Asset" in templates for Invoices (note that these variables only work for invoices grouped by work orders).
  • {Client Phone Type} for all documents where the "Client" variable group is present – the type of phone number indicated in the client's profile (for example, if you specify a contact person for legal clients this way, you can now display their name in the printout).
  • {Asset Bin Location} for Product Labels – the storage bin location where the asset is currently located.
  • {Product Comment} for Work Orders, Sales, and Invoices – a comment added to the product or service in the order dialogue on the "Labors and Materials" tab (displayed in parentheses below the item name in the table).
  • {Current User} for all documents where the "Employees" variable group is present – the name of the employee printing the document.
  • {Subtotal} for Work Orders, Work Order List, Sales, and Invoices – the total amount of the work order, sale, or invoice before discounts or imposed taxes.

These new settings provide you with more automation, ensuring your processes run smoothly and your data remains transparent in Orderry. We have more exciting updates on the way, including the integration of Twilio VoIP for additional options and a duplicate finder tool to help manage your client base effectively. Stay tuned for upcoming Orderry updates to stay informed.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this update, please leave a comment below or contact Orderry Customer Support via chat.

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