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Mobile App
for Business Managers
Orderry Boss

Track Key Metrics And Stay In Touch With Your Stuff

Anytime. Anywhere

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for Effective Bosses

The Orderry Boss provides you with real-time insights into your business performance as well as a quick data overview for any period.

Whether you are a business owner or a manager, you’ll be more flexible with managing your company from any location.

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View Your Company’s Metrics
On The Go

App’s Report shows company revenue and profit for a day, week, month, and any custom period.

Track all opened and closed orders, works performed by each employee, sales, and payments without leaving the application.

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Contact Your Team In One Click

Have some questions after viewing the Report? Just go to Employees Tab and you'll have a list of all your team members with call and message buttons.

For more control, you can track the time and IP address of their last sign-in.

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Increase Your Account Security

Orderry users who have access to the mobile app can enable two-factor authentication for additional data protection.Each time you try to log in to your account, Orderry will require a confirmation via the mobile app.

You can activate this function in the Orderry web version.

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Analyze Customer Reviews

Monitor customer satisfaction and explore their feedback in the Reviews tab. Filter and sort them by location, rating, and period. If you have any questions, long-press the review card to contact the customer or the order manager, as well as to view the details in the web version of the program.



Control Cash Boxes

The Cash Box tab helps you to manage your company's finances from anywhere. Here you will see the balance of each cash box in any location, the total amount of cash and non-cash funds, as well as the final amount of money at the moment.


Get Orderry Boss and start managing your company from mobile phone

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