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Assortment report and other Orderry changes

Meet the new section "Analytics" and its first report, "Assortment Analysis", which will allow you to qualitatively analyze financial performance and bring work with products to a new level. Read the details in the article.

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Location resources and Order Scheduler improvements

Now, for planning work you can consider the load of not only employees but also other location resources. In the Order Scheduler, you can view orders not only for the day but also for the week. Read more about all the news in the article.

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Posting drafts, improved posting dialogue, serial number template

Now you can pause posting by saving its draft. Besides that, you have the opportunity to customize the template of the serial number of the product. Also, we improved the Inventory search. Read more details.

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Big restart of the software for service centers and repair shops Orderry

We've spent a lot of effort for a new update, and want to introduce the new Orderry – full-featured, intuitive, and extremely useful.

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Meet new Orderry Dashboard

Meet the Orderry Dashboard – a crucial management tool for monitoring all key business metrics in one window and making quick decisions. 

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Updated Inventory management: serial accounting and address storage

New Orderry brings cutting-edge features to Inventory management: serial accounting, address storage. Read more.

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Orderry Inventory Stock Take

The stocktake process is generally considered lengthy and complicated. With Orderry, your stock take is nothing but a simple, convenient, and flexible process.

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