Time-Saving Payroll Management For Small Businesses

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Consistent and Timely Payments With Automated Payroll

Set Up Individual Charges Based On the Actual Work Done

In Orderry, you can configure transparent wage calculations for different types of workers: salespeople, mechanics, cashiers, managers, administrators, etc.

Automate the computing of piece-rate pay for each employee based on various activities, e.g. creating or closing a repair order, selling a particular product, or adding parts to orders. This way you will create healthy competition among your staff engaging them to deliver results.

Increase Employees Morale by Transparent Reward Systems

Show your employees you appreciate their engagement by implementing a bonus system. 

You can set higher rewards for more expensive goods and services, or increase the payment depending on the final amount of the order or sale. Another option is to configure coefficient pay in case of extra or holiday hours.

Configure Access Rights to Protect Sensitive Data

Depending on your corporate culture, you can hide or show information about payments to employees. Define access rights for each worker to either view his paycheck only or see what his colleagues earn too.

Reward Your Best-Performing Employees

After you found the right people for your team, the next step is to motivate them to stay loyal and build their personal growth at your company.

In the wage management software Orderry, it’s easy to specify pay rates by which to multiply the standard amount for individual employees based on their seniority and experience.

View Payroll Reports to Understand Your Labour Cost Expenses

Generate detailed reports to see the performance of your team by periods, orders, and locations. Find out how much your employees will get for completed works, processed orders, and sales.

This data is especially useful when analyzing the overall income and expenses of your business as well as when defining the most productive workers.

Reduce the Risk of Errors with Automated Payroll Service

Orderry allows you to completely automate payroll computing. As a result, you'll stop wasting time on manual calculations, increase the accuracy of financial records, and avoid delays in payments to employees.

Automate Computing of Hourly and Daily Wages

For employees with a Work Schedule configured in Orderry, you can add a payroll rule to calculate working hours or days based on their rate. This will allow you to keep track of the actual time worked and automate the wage computing process.

Orderry is cloud-based CRM software with extended payroll functionality

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Activity Log In Orderry Software

Activity Log In Orderry Software

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