Orderry can take care of your orders, automate routine tasks from check-in to check-out. We provide a host of useful tools and productivity-enhancing features tailored to your operation. Forget about manual data entry and the rest of daunting tasks with
work order management. Let your ops and managers focus on what’s really important: growing your business.

Work Orders Are On Cruise Control with Orderry

Improve your productivity

Driving Income

Improve your productivity, organize expenses, and get higher income right from day 1

Manage orders

Giving Control

Manage orders, work assignments, specialists and technicians in a single program

Automate up to 90% of work orders

Saving Time

Automate up to 90% of work orders, getting up to 20 minutes saved on each order

Put your orders on track

Ortimizing Workflow

Put your orders on track, from check-in to check-out, payment, and fulfillment

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Work Order Management Software From Initial Acceptance To Payment

Quality Customer Service

  • Store all details, such as the name of the client, mobile phone number, delivery address, mode of payment, stored with each and every work order you’re putting in the system.
  • Keep initial details when the client-related data is entered for the first time.
  • Provide your clients with real-time status updates, expected dates of work order fulfillment, and current repair progress.

Focus on high-quality customer service to keep yourself on top of severe market competition.

Faster Order Processing

  • Get a centralized and well-aligned database, record all information related to work order status, job progress, deadlines, warehouse, inventory levels, and job assignments.
  • Have all order-related data displayed in a single interface, eliminate paper, double and manual data entry.
  • Ensure each and every work order is fulfilled on time, dispatched to the right specialist, and picked by the right client.

Get shorter cycle times with faster order fulfillment.

Scheduled Job Assignments

  • Create scheduled assignments, dispatch specialists, resources, and equipment more efficiently using a powerful Scheduler feature in Orderry.
  • Communicate, manage work orders, jobs, and workforce in a single interface.

Let your field crew, repair teams, and clients receive automated notifications, scheduled SMS-alerts to check on job progress, on-my-way messages, quotes, and invoices.

Motivation, Payroll Calculation

  • Create job assignments in just a few clicks to gain a leg up on market.
  • Use a flexible system of payroll calculation and role-based staff management to make every manager, specialist, and technician even more productive.
  • Configure different types of jobs and responsible roles with a range of controlled statuses for each work order put in the system.

Dashboard Analytics

  • Access real-time Dashboard to keep every work order, job assignment, stocked item, single employee, and performance metrics always on track.
  • Manage work orders smarter, faster, better.
  • Minimize the overall time-to-completion for each task.

Organize your workflow, get jobs done on time and at an optimal workload.

Tracking And Reporting

  • Use custom reporting on work orders to see exactly what jobs, specialists, materials, and spare parts are actually making you money.
  • Get a full picture of best-selling categories and top-performing employees.
  • Quickly detect the ones which are not that good.
  • Identify bottlenecks.

Make sustainable business with a fully transparent and more controllable operation.

Inventory Management

  • Use barcode management to get everything in place with the orders for products, parts, or materials that are currently unavailable from inventory.
  • Track availability and manage stocktake, keeping the flow of items on stock from physical inventory to their actual application during repairs, or retail provided directly to the end client.
  • Stay competitive, ensuring that your work orders are filled, followed, and fulfilled precisely and promptly.
  • Coordinate warehouse operations, stock refill, and multichannel sales directly from the Orderry interface.

Grow your repair shop with no repeated software costs — our
Work Order Management software is scalable and flexible to fit any business workflow and scenario.

Work Order Management Can Be Simple

Orderry is available from any device: smartphone, tablet, PC

  • Get down to business as soon as you sign up
  • No download, install, or extra tech staff required
  • We keep working hard to be even more intuitive
  • Orderry is a cloud app, which can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, or PC
  • We are all about your privacy and data security
  • Orderry Support Team is always at your service for any functionality or UX issue.
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