Cell phone or appliance repair? Full-service or one-man shop? Field jobs, multiple locations, or franchise? Running any of these means you have a lot on the go. But we have you covered! 

Orderry can take care of your daily workload across the industry, automate routine tasks, and deliver a host of productivity-enhancing features tailored to your operation. Forget about the most daunting tasks. Let your people concentrate on more value-adding activities, while you can focus on what’s really important: making your business succeed.

Run A Simply Better Service Business with Orderry

Greater productivity of repair shop, service center, or retail store in every location served

Higher Income

Greater productivity of repair shop, service center, or retail store
in every location served

Simple work assignment and job supervision, flexible payroll calculation to motivate staff

Full Control

Simple work assignment
and job supervision, flexible payroll
calculation to motivate staff

Automated service and sales workflows, client follow-ups for better customer relations

Time Efficiency

Automated service and sales
workflows, client follow-ups
for better customer relations

Leads, Orders, Inventories, and Cash Desks — all pulled together in a single interface

Streamlined Workflow

Leads, Orders, Inventories,
and Cash Desks — all pulled together
in a single interface

Sign up for a free account in Orderry and try our complete set of features during a 14-day trial!

Powerful Software For Service Center And CRM Toolkit

End-to-End Order Management, From Leads To Repeat Sales

Benefit from a streamlined and fully consistent workflow. Accelerate every stage of order processing. Complete every client’s repair on time, every time. Configure different types of orders for each service location with a range of controlled statuses. Automatically collect feedback.

Route Leads in seconds, gaining a leg up on the fierce competition. Keep managers, specialists, and field crew motivated with a flexible system of payroll calculation. Service businesses all over the world rely on Orderry, whether it’s a single point of sale, field jobs, multiple locations, or franchise.

Dependable System For More Controllable Field Services

Create assignments proactively, consolidate daily schedules, and dispatch crews more efficiently. Get quality assurance for this important aspect of the business to make a good name for your company. Let your clients have the service they deserve: on-my-way messages, scheduled alerts to check on job progress, quotes and invoices on time.

Collect feedback and set up custom notifications on any occasion. Track stock levels and receive timely reorder reminders. Communicate, manage assets and spare parts. Ensure every field job is followed from start to invoice, all in one system.

Increased Turnover, Robust Sales And Inventory System

Running a repair shop means you have plenty of service calls and Purchase Orders, along with spare parts, one-off and best-seller items you may have on the spot or in your inventory system. Now you can maximize turnover from online sales, pickup and delivery. No matter whether you’re running a simple service center or even a chain of high volume stores. Increase business from one-click conversion, connecting multiple channels of marketing and distribution in a single easy-to-use interface.

Powerful CRM Toolkit, Built-in Tracking And Reporting

Orderry is the right place to input your customers and have nice structured data that shows where they came from. Powerful Leads module fully integrated with PBX / VoIP and SMS broadcasting gateway to build custom campaigns and grow your base. Target different customer groups with automated follow ups and easy-to-use CRM toolkit.

Automatically pull in marketing insight from multiple sources without putting in a tremendous effort. Add changes to campaigns as they go. Make appointment scheduling and your field works simpler and more efficient. Visualize data to gain insights that have been unavailable so far.

A 360-Degree View Into Inventory For Shorter Cycle Times

Manage stocktake smarter, faster, better. Organize your inventory system, track orders, refill always on time and at a lower cost. Feel safer and confident with summary billing statements, full invoice support, tax inclusive pricing, super lightweight accounting flow, and “Assortment Analysis” feature.

Get a 360-degree view with customizable product categories and bulk actions for one-click transfer across multiple brick-and-mortar locations. Easily prioritize the most important parts and get rid of redundant stuff for shorter cycle times.

Streamlined Accounting With 100% Transparent Cash Flow

Access real-time data on finance and accounting. Customize cash flow reporting to see exactly what is most important for your service center or repair shop: taxation, payments, invoice details, projected income, balance summaries, and much more. Get a full picture of what's actually making you money.

Identify best-selling categories and find the ones which haven’t been that good. Take care of your overall business health with readily-accessible spend management, streamlined accounting, and fully transparent cash flow that will keep your income growing over time.

New Opportunities For Service Business Added All The Time

As a company owner, you know that managing your service center or repair shop can be more than time-consuming and really labor-intensive. This can clutter the day and keep you from more strategic activities actually driving you to success.

Now with Orderry, managing your system and dealing with third party specialists is no more your business! To help make our intuitive interface more efficient for you and your employees, we provide all-around support 24/7, ongoing updates, a vast Knowledge Base with useful step-by-step instructions and the latest feature reviews.

Data-Driven Insight & Vast Reporting At Your Fingertips

Track your key business performance indicators with a real-time dashboard view. Automate reporting to constantly study your metrics, making the best possible decisions ever. Our benefit goes far beyond any automation and CRM toolkit.

Orderry provides deeper insights into business processes you will find in no other software for service centers across the industry. No more messing up with reports or manual data entry.

High-quality performance analysis and strategic planning that always give you the best room for global improvement available at the moment.

Manage Service Business With Greater Convenience And Security

Manage Service Business With Greater Convenience And Security

  • Get down to business as soon as you sign up
  • No download, install, or extra tech staff required
  • We keep working hard to be even more intuitive
  • Orderry is a cloud app, which can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, or PC
  • We are all about your privacy and data security
  • Orderry Support Team is always at your service for any functionality or UX issue.

Best Software For Service Centers And Repair Shops

Customer communication is among the most important aspects of the service industry. You need a deeper understanding of the needs and demands of your target market to effectively stand out, getting more jobs before your competitors. Today, running a well-aligned and harmonized workflow with a proper software for service centers and repair shops becomes a MUST.

Assortment planning, profitability, pricing, finance, and accounting are also critical things for you to keep in mind as a business owner. But you can not deal with all that data in real time, at least with your own hands. And what if you have a full-service shop with field jobs, multiple locations, or a chain of high volume repair shops or retail stores? Here is exactly when Orderry comes into play, providing your business with the best-in-class software for service centers across the industry.

Orderry is a cloud-based CRM toolkit, jam-packed with a host of automation and productivity-enhancing software features designed exclusively for service centers and repair shops. Orderry can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, PC, or any other device that supports Internet browsing. Stay in touch with your business. Keep an eye on every operation and process, running effective management and supervision even when you’re hundreds of miles away.

With a repair shop or service center, you have a lot of things on the go: plenty of calls and orders, different spare parts and materials found across multiple inventories / brick-and-mortar locations, pressing schedules, and demanding clients who expect nothing else but the A-1 customer service. Now with Orderry, you can easily keep orders and jobs to schedule with order status deadlines, full history log, and scheduled alerts. Communicate, check on job progress, get quality assurance, collect feedback, and send custom notifications to your clients, managers, and repair specialists on any occasion with a seamless VoIP integration and built-in SMS broadcasting gateway.

Take the pain out of one of the biggest jobs at your service center! Manage inventory without putting in a tremendous effort.. Make the most out of extensive tracking & reporting features by Orderry, sticking to optimal inventory levels and receiving timely notifications when a repair part or material is low or needs replenishing. Handle orders with a single click, estimate demand, and have the right availability at all times with easy “Assortment analysis”, “Stock balances”, “Products turnover”, “Write-off from the warehouse”, and “Products below minimum stock” reporting. 

Route Leads With The Right Software For Service Center

Now you can not only input your orders and clients in the system, but have a well-structured data showing where they came from. Use a powerful Leads module in the Orderry system and never miss a single potential client. Building custom campaigns, growing your base, collecting marketing insight from multiple sources, and targeting different customer groups finally made simple. 

Benefit From Intelligent CRM Automation

Free up tons of human resources and save time by eliminating the lion’s share of manual tasks and recurring actions. Increase business from one-click customer registration using a rich library of customizable templates. Create new or edit the existing ones, instantly putting all you need right into the Orderry system:

  • Client names, contacts
  • Full history log for orders, payments, calls, and SMS
  • Call record archive
  • Special offers, ad campaigns
  • Discount cards
  • Comments and notes
  • Data showing where clients come from.

Filter by these fields so that you can quickly see happy clients willing to come back to your service center, or find the ones with issues that need your closer attention. Use automated follow-ups to reach different target markets. Make changes to campaigns, adding discounts as they go.

Get A Full Picture Of Orders, Services And Works

Accelerate every stage of order processing at your service center or phone repair shop with a software that makes easy job assignments and automated sales workflow. Configure different types of profiles and custom templates so that you can create new orders in seconds, gaining a leg up on the market. Forget about the most daunting tasks with:

  • Device type, brand, and model
  • Common repair works, pricing
  • Assigned managers and specialists 
  • Reception notes
  • Corresponding photos and PDF-docs
  • Full action log, order / service feed
  • Related tasks
  • Job status deadlines.

Make the most out of a streamlined and fully consistent workflow, instantly finding exactly what you need at the moment. Now every repair can be completed on time, every time. Configure different types of payments, service, and field jobs with a full set of controlled statuses. Ensure your people work on the right things and never waste time in a desperate effort to keep the order to schedule.

Know Exactly How Your Service Center Is Doing

Summary reports provide you with a 360-degree view into what type of works have been completed to the date and converted into recurring orders. Get a deeper insight into the overall performance at your cell phone repair or service center with one-click qualitative and quantitative analysis. Know what’s actually making you money within any period of time. Drive redundant works, overstocked items and unnecessary parts to the minimum.

Track your managers, technicians, specialists and their efficiency. Measure current performance of your employees by the actual amount of works completed and net income delivered with each type of works and service. Set up a daily “Specialist report” to keep your supervisors always informed on the best-sellers and top-performing employees. Make every item, service, and teammate automatically promoted in a fair way.

Manage Inventory Effectively For Shorter Cycle Times

Unlike a traditional stocktake and inventory management, a software for service centers and repair shops by Orderry has a smart Inventory module automatically synchronized with Orders and Sales. No more guesswork. Stock, assets, postings, write-offs, transfers, stocktakes, purchase returns, products, and categories — all pulled together in a single easy-to-use interface. 

Generate stocktake reports and print documentation in one click. Provide responsible employees with a configurable set of user permissions to ensure the right people can access specific warehouse assets, inventory locations, products, or categories. Assign a unique serial number to each item or part to keep your inventory always up-to-date, even without necessarily messing up with physical stocktake.

Make Streamlined Accounting With Traceable Cash Flow

Orderry supports your growth by allowing a single cloud-based software for service center and repair shop that keeps all finance and accounting data secure and running on cruise control. The following reports can now be generated automatically:

  • Payroll report
  • Total money
  • Cash flow
  • Orders income
  • Sales income.

Access real-time data by any period of time, single or multiple locations. Customize and print reports without leaving a convenient user interface in Orderry. Keep all stats and maintain records of your KPIs by exporting the necessary reports in the Excel file format for future reference.

Orderry Is Your Best Software For Service Center Management

Once you try the all-in-one solution by Orderry, your business will notice the difference — with software that feels just like it was designed for your service center or repair shop. We stay at the forefront in providing you with fully loaded and streamlined cloud-based software for service business across the industry:

  • Presale servicing
  • Full-service repair shops
  • Warranty / post-warranty service
  • Brand service centers
  • One-man business
  • Multiple locations
  • High-volume chains
  • Field jobs
  • Niche services.

No matter what area of services you work in. Orderry is flexible to fit any niche industry or process. 

Just tell us about your business! We’ll make the Orderry system tailored individually to your operation in no time!

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