Orderry features for your Power Tool Service Center

Increased incomes

Orderry boosts your income substantially and reduces the expenses of your repair shop

Full control

Monitor your workshop activity and manage your employees

Saving time

Orderry automates routine processes and saves up to 20 minutes on each order processed

Organizing the workflow

Orderry puts your orders, documents, and reports on track

Try out Orderry for your Power Tool Service Center for free during a 7-day trial.

Orderry is a sophisticated solution for your business objectives

Client and order accounting

Orderry app gathers information about your clients, orders, and works into a single database. Our software makes it more convenient to track the incoming order applications and communicate with clients. 

You can see the percentage of orders with a specific status and estimate the workload of your contractors. With Orderry, figuring out the order fulfillment dates is a matter of a few clicks.

Swift order processing

Orderry introduces numerous built-in client and order cards, directories with pre-set breakdown types, service lists, and price lists. You can configure those for your business. 

Our software also provides you with ready-made document templates, so printing receipts and work acts is also a piece of cake. Process your orders faster and eliminate routine tasks with Orderry.

Full-featured inventory accounting and swift parts search

Study your inventory product transfers and turnover to optimize your expenses and find the most demanded parts. Set the minimum and maximum stock balances to ensure the timely parts purchase. Prevent overdue orders by monitoring your part stock.

Automatic client and employee notifications

Let your clients know about the order fulfillment or the status change via automatic SMS. Configure Telegram notification sending for your employees to update them on the critical work events:

  • Order assignment;
  • Order changes;
  • Crucial comments to order.

Notifications significantly improve your order processing and put your internal communication on track. Orderry adds 30 free SMS with base templates and an integrated SMS gateway to your account upon sign up.

Simple and easy-to-use financial and management accounting

Orderry automatically generates reports for your finances, orders, inventory, calls, SMS, client feedback.

You can get all the needed information for a specific period in one click. Enable daily Manager Report to receive the latest data for the most demanded services and efficient employees every day. This also enables you to discover the most profitable works and see the contractors deserving a raise.

Business Management is convenient and secure with Orderry

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  • Get down to work as soon as you sign up. No need to download, install, or involve additional developers to configure our software;
  • We are continually working on our user interface to upgrade and make it truly intuitive;
  • Orderry is a cloud app. You can access it via smartphone, tablet, PC, or any other modern device supporting web browsers;
  • Orderry ensures your data security. We take the privacy policy very seriously;
  • Our support team is always up and ready to help you with the Orderry functionality and configuration.
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