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Orderry big update

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We have substantially revised and improved page "Customers". Now customers are divided into a Person/Company and have signs of "Supplier" and “Conflict".

Customers can be added a few phone numbers. Moreover, an important field appeared in customer's form - "How did client hear about us”. It is highly recommended to ask your customers how they heard about your company. In the future, it will help to understand which advertising channels are most effective and which don't worth investing money.

new-clients-page.jpg (211 KB)

We added a new list "Customer source" to the profile of lists (Settings > Lists). Think about, where did customer come from, and then add all the sources to the list.

Sign “Conflict” means that this customer was a conflict / problem one. We recommend to use client's "Note" field, to descride in details the nature of problem. Clients with such sign have red mark, with the help of which you will always know you are dealing with the troublemaker.

wrong-guy.jpg (159 KB)

Sign "Supplier" shows that the contact or company is a supplier of products/parts (such companies will be displayed in the list of suppliers in the posting of the goods to the warehouse).

For marketers, it will be useful to divide customers on segments. Each customer can be set one or more tags. Tags are displayed in the customer table under the customer’s name. By clicking on the tag, it will display all customers containing this tag.

client-tags.jpg (161 KB)

Restrictaccess to Locations, Cashflows and Stocks

Now it became easier to set the Employee access restriction for Locations, Cashflows and Stocks. A tree-view list of Locations, Cashflows and Stocks appeared in the Emloyee editing dialog. To restrict Employee access to the specified object, simply remove the check mark next to the desired object.

The new cash flow statement (Cashflow)

Every business owner asks the question: "how much money the company earns?", "What are the items of the basic income?" and "where are hidding costs?".

To facilitate this task for Orderry users, we have added the ability to divide all cash transactions for various income and expense items. These articles are stored in the "List of cashflow items."

By default cash flow accounting is disabled, in ticket to begin using cash flow items of income / expenses, you must:

1) Enable the checkbox "Use of cash flow accounting system" on the page "Settings > Common > Accounting".

2) Configure list of cash flow items on the page "Settings> Lists> Cash flow items". By default, this directory already contains all the basic items, but you may want to add your own.

cashlow-settings.jpg (151 KB)

After you follow these two simple steps, every time you deposit/withdraw money in Cashflow you will need to specify cash flow item.

We have redesigned the cash flow statement ("Reports > Financial Reports > Cashflow transactions") - now it shows the cash flow of your company by income and expenditure items. This will allow you a better understanding of what items your revenueconsists of, what items make the main expance.

cashflow-report.jpg (155 KB)

Moving money between cashflows

Now moving money between cashflows can be done simply in one click! To move money between cashflows, click the button "movement", select the cashflow to where you want to move money and specify the amount.

In the role settings ("Settings > Staff > Roles"), a new privilege appeared - "Cashflow > Can move money". With the help of which, you can prevent your staff from move money between cashflows.

Goods filter by stock value

A new filter appeared on the main page of inventory. Through this filter, you can display items that are in stock (the remainder is greater than zero), the goods that are not in stock (with a zero balance), or all items.

IP-address whitelist

We are sure, this feature will be appreciated by all who want to be 100% sure of data security. If you want to restrict entrance to Orderry from any places different than your office / workshop, go to the "Settings > Common> The white list of IP" and add the IP address of your workshops. Be careful when adding at least one IP-address to the whitelist, you and all the staff of your company will not be able to enter the Orderry account with other IP-addresses that are not included to this list.

ip-whitelist.jpg (93 KB)

Also, you can make so that restricting access by IP-address does not extend to certain "trusted" employees.

Now you can add an exception for the whitelist of IP-addresses - the staff, which will not be subject to limitation by IP address. Employees from the list of exceptions, can log into the Orderry from any IP address.

The ability to change the numbering of Tickets

We are often asked, "can numbering of tickets be changed?", "Reset the counter tickets?". Now the answer - is a firm "Yes!".

To reset the counter of tickets or set an arbitrary pattern of the ticket number, you need to go to the "Settings > Locations", double click on the desired location and in the location dialogue set the desired template ticket number. The template contains the location's prefix (we recommend to set a unique prefix for each location) and variables.

ticket-counter-animation.gif (395 KB)

It support 4 variables in total:
{C} - means the counter of the number of ticket ( with each ticket it is increased by one, for example 1, 2, 3)
{C:5} - counter of tickets with length of five characters and filling the left digits with 0 (example 00001, 00002, 00003)
{D} - means current day
{M} - month
{Y} - year

Combining these variables, you can set the desired template.To change the value of the counter of tickets, click on the example of the ticket number.

Displaying the status of delivery of SMS in timeline

Now, the delivered SMS in the Timeline have a special mark, with the help of which you can always be sure that the customer has received your message.

sms-status.jpg (125 KB)

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