Repair Shop Database For Jewellery And Watch Repair Stores

Productividad Mejorada

Improved Productivity

Streamline jewellery or watch repair shop with automated work orders, simple job tracking, and automated inventory

Seguimiento & Informes

Tracking & Reporting

Run a simply better business: data-driven insight and Dashboard Analytics at fingertips

Flujo de trabajo sin papeleo

Paperless Workflow

Easily track work orders, repair tickets, sales, payments, personal details, cash flow and inventory items

Administración Contable

Management Accounting

Automatically recognize and measure revenues, manage balances, settlements, and accounts on the go

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Best Online Watch Repair And Jewellery Inventory Management Software
Free Of Unnecessary Things

The All-in-one Repair Shop Software

Want to eliminate paper and forget about manual data entry? Looking for industry-leading watch repair and jewellery Inventory Management software, or just need a good solution to automate your business and migrate to the cloud? Here at Orderry, we have you covered! We are a fully integrated software focusing on repair shops, retail stores, and service companies across the industry. Now you can easily go paperless, streamline the lion’s share of routine tasks, and finally bring your own data to life. Even without having a full team of in-house techs or draining your budget with extensive customizations in a desperate effort to make available features fit your workflow or niche patterns. If that’s what you’ve ever wanted, your business is finally in the right place.

Simple Order Entry And Repair Tracking

Orderry is a fully customizable software for watch repair shops and high-volume jewelry stores that will help you manage work orders and repair tickets on the go, from check-in and repair tracking to check-out and billing. Capture inbound inquiries, send real-time updates, manage parts and materials, track customer assets you have for safekeeping while improving the overall quality of your service and giving a spur to revenues too. Make the most out of a robust customer database and CRM-toolkit, streamlined workflow with nearly unlimited customizations, a host of productivity-enhancing tools, tried-and-true automation and reporting features, including (but not limited to) easy-to-read Dashboard Analytics that feels like it was designed just for you.

Smart Inventory Management and Asset Tracking

Inventory has been rebuilt from the ground to give you even better visibility into products, parts, and materials in stock. Use configurable bin locations and personal asset warehouses to quickly find exactly what you need at the moment to further improve your service quality. Instantly transfer customer assets across multiple locations or responsible specialists. Manage assets for safekeeping having a 100% traceable repair log, from check-in to check-out and billing. Forget about potential deficiencies, get shorter cycle times, and boost average turnover. Easily maintain optimal inventory levels and refill always on time using real-time alerts and automated notifications. Turn the most daunting tasks with physical stocktake, inventory write-offs, and postings into a fully streamlined and smooth experience.

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Efficient. Effective. Timesaving Business

Orderry is a completely cloud-based solution backed with a fully functional CRM toolkit... Meaning you can have a single point of contact to save all your sales information and client details, track their l you have for safekeeping, such as watches and jewelry under repair. Now you can not only automate data entry but actually bring your sales database to life: create extensive profiles, attach images, add custom fields and automated workflow patterns, send status alerts to assigned employees, broadcast automated SMS-notifications telling your happy clients that their little precious is ready for pickup and much more. We can help you stay organized and spend more time on the most valuable assets of your business — customers — instead of sifting through piles of repair tickets.

Easy-to-Read Dashboard Analytics

Stay on top of the most important numbers and optimize costs. Easily reveal inefficiencies, detect bottlenecks, and analyze opportunities. Automatically report on closed orders, sales and average bill, payrolls, returns by clients, conversion. Collect customer feedback to address potential pain points of your business. Use easy-to-read Dashboard Analytics to have a single source of truth for all your data, including and of course not limited to: inbound inquiries (we call them Leads), cash flow, projected income, payments and mutual settlements, invoice summary, staff workload, consolidated schedules. Easily measure your team’s performance in real-time to faster, smarter, better. Manage your staff competitively using a flexible payroll calculation to encourage top-performing ops, techs, managers, and field specialists.

Professional Software Trusted By Jewellery Stores And Watch Repair Shops Across The Globe

Orderry is available from any device: smartphone, tablet, PC

  1. Have measurable results for your watch repair shop or high-volume jewelry store from day 1
  2. Get rid of redundant stuff and see a bigger picture of your business right once you sign in
  3. Eliminate paper, automate routine tasks, say goodbye to manual or double data entry
  4. Orderry is the way to go for business, large and small, from startup to enterprise-level companies
  5. Manage multiple stores with a 360-degree view into your sales, inventory, and cash flow
  6. Whether you’re a veteran in the service industry or completely new to it, we have you covered
  7. Stuck? Or simply don’t know where to get started? Our live Support will help you with any issue
  8. Check out the Orderry Knowledge Base for live insight, step-by-step guides, and user instructions
  9. Stop wasting tons of time and mental effort. Focus on what really matters — growing your business.
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