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Android: Mejoras de Tareas y Documentos de Impresión en la Aplicación Orderry Work Orders

Right after the Orderry web app update, we are ready to introduce new Work Order App features, which include:

  • Creating tasks from the Event Feed in work orders and other tasks (yes, tasks for tasks)
  • Links to the task-related work orders, clients, and other tasks
  • Print documents that you can also download as PDF file and send it to customers
  • Links to work orders

Let's take a closer look at the details of the update!

Creating Tasks From Event Feed and Links to Task-Related Objects

If you want to create a sub-task or task by work order, there is no need to do that from the Tasks tab. Open a needed work order or task, switch to the Event Feed, and press the button for task creation.

android-create-task-from-wo-en.webp (32 KB)

In this case, you will also have a link to the task-related work order or parental task. And, of course, you will have a similar link if a task was created from the client profile.

android-task-related-objects-en.webp (43 KB)

For example, you can quickly create a task to approve an estimate and open the work order from the task in one tap.

Document printing

We always look for ways to make Orderry a better tool for field service workers. And this is one of them. Now you can print documents configured for work orders in the Orderry web version or save them as PDF files if you don't have a printer near you. Then you can attach them to the work orders via Event Feed or send them to customers.

Tap the more actions (⫶) button and choose the Print documents action. Then you have to select the needed documents and decide what to do next.

android-print-documents-en.webp (42 KB)

Link to the Work Order

It is much easier to process work orders in a team now. If you have a question for your colleagues about a work order, there is no need to tell them the order's number and make them search for it. Now you can share or copy a link to this work order. If your colleagues have our Work Order app, they will open the shared work order.

android-share-link-en.webp (26 KB)

And the last news: you won't need to sign in every day anymore! We improved the authorization system and fixed frequent logouts.

Update your Orderry Work Orders app to use all the newest features. If you haven't installed it yet, it's the best time to download the app from Google Play.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comment section below or contact our Support team via chat.

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