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Customer Base and
Work Order Management

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Mobile Apps For Executives
and Technicians

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Simple Record-Keeping
and Paperless Workflow

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Inventory Tracking
and Advanced Warehousing

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Orderry is a cloud-based solution to automate business processes in repair shops

Manage Work Orders with Ease

Process service requests and work orders in a single database:

  • Assign repair works to your technicians
  • Add services and write off parts from warehouses to work orders
  • Track progress, create estimates, and accept payments.

Use Company’s Resources Efficiently

Schedule call-outs, control the workload of resources, and create work orders in a handy drag & drop calendar.

Keep Your Employees Organized

Orderry has a timesheet called the Employee Work Schedules where you can create individual schedules as well as keep track of working and non-working days (vacation, sick leave, holidays) of your team. 

If you have employees on hourly or daily pay systems, you can set up automated payroll calculations based on their work schedules.

Access Customer Data and Game Repair History

Orderry’s CRM functionality allows you to manage all the steps of your customer journey — from lead capturing to repeat business. Overview past interactions with customers or prospects as well as plan future campaigns and promotions.

Generate Invoices In a Few Clicks

Use a rich library of templates with vast customization options to set up any document you need to quickly generate when processing work orders.

  • Add autofill fields to eliminate manual input
  • Create templates with your unique branding
  • Get a PDF, print out, or send via email

Manage both residential and in-store services

Work With Video Gaming Repair Orders On the Go

Your technicians can take Orderry in their smartphones anywhere. Use the Work Order App to:

  • Keep track of all changes made to work orders
  • Take photos of broken gaming consoles and attach them to work orders right away
  • Leave public or private comments

Keep Tech Teams and Customers Updated

Enable automated alerts to technicians about work orders assigned or status changes. Send SMS or emails to customers as well to notify them when their favorite gaming device is ready for pickup or to request feedback about your services.

Speed Up Gaming Console Repairs With Status Time Limits

In addition to setting main deadlines for work orders, you can define time frames for each stage of their processing. This way, you’ll avoid conflicts and bad reviews from your customers.

Each status has a deadline and when it’s exceeded, you’ll see such a work order in a separate badge. This will help you find bottlenecks in your workflow and avoid delays at each step.

Orderry helps you streamline every
console repair store operation

Keep Your Finances Under Control

Measure how much cash flows into and out of your business with digital Cashboxes in Orderry. Keep records of cash and non-cash payments and analyze your cash balances in the Cash Flow Report.

Easily add or exclude taxes on a price for services in your company, use different tax rates for different locations as well as multiple tax systems within one account.

Streamline Your Invoicing Process With QuickBooks Integration

Connect your accounts in Orderry and QBO to eliminate human-error risk and save time on managing data updates in two systems. Be sure your invoices, sales tax configuration, and details on clients and products will be synchronized automatically.

Get the Best Out of Your Inventory

Keep accurate warehouse records in Orderry to always have the necessary parts available when you need them for fixes.

  • Post, transfer, sell and write off spare parts to work orders
  • Track stock levels in real-time
  • Manage game consoles or any other belongings you have for safekeeping
  • Forecast demands for parts, materials, and accessories
  • Refill your stock on time and plan purchase budgets

Boost Effectiveness of Console Repair Technicians

Use any of the eight payroll scenarios in Orderry to set up calculations of commissions and individual coefficients for employees with different seniority levels.

Analyze your technicians’ performance in the Employee Report to identify who brings more value to your business.

Eliminate Data Security Risks

The more you know about what's going on in your company, the less you suffer from theft, fraud, and dishonesty.

For this purpose, we have the Activity Log Report with all the data on every action done in your account (who, where, when, and what). You can track all 44 events on a single page.

Looking for growth opportunities? Use Orderry to inform your decision-making

Identify Weaknesses and Growth Points in Business Processes

To review and analyze the results of various business activities, you’ll have more than 20 reports in Orderry that are easily generated on any device.

To get data-driven insights into your repair shop’s overall performance in real-time or over a certain period, open the Company Insights Report. Here, you can use diagrams and trends to overview KPIs and spot interesting patterns.

Manage Your Video Game Repair Company On the Move

In the Orderry Business Insights App, you can track work order processing metrics, control cashbox balances, view customer reviews, filter reports, and contact your employees in one click.

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200+ Integrations
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Personal Onboarding

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Help Center
and Tutorials

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Free Support Service
in English and Spanish

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What is game console repair shop software?


This is a tool for automating daily operations and optimizing company productivity. For example, Orderry is a program that flexibly adjusts to each company's business processes. After signing up, your account will be preconfigured with functions that will increase your game console repair business's workload and improve customer experience: work order and customer base management, sales record keeping, warehouse management, employee payroll calculation, cashbox payments, business analytics, and field services.

How can I better manage customer relationships in my game console repair shop?


If you want to improve the management of your customer interactions, increase sales, schedule appointments efficiently, and better control your employees, you need to use a centralized platform for business automation. This will help you manage all your processes and track your customer journey. For example, Orderry users have an easy-to-access customer base in the cloud with accurate customer records. Your employees can check any necessary information like phone numbers, email addresses, history of services, or payments just in a few clicks.

What integrations does Orderry software offer for game console repair professionals?


Orderry integrates with more than 300 additional business platforms and services. And if you actively sell game consoles and accessories on marketplaces, you can automate the unloading of products from Orderry inventory to any online store that supports importing a product list via an XLS file upload.

Does Orderry have an app for business owners?


Yes, we have such an application called Orderry Business Insights. It provides managers with quick access to the company’s critical performance data and allows them to contact their employees and customers without leaving the app. This way, busy business owners can track key business metrics in real-time and stay in touch with their team anytime.

What is Company Insights Report?


With this report in Orderry, game console repair business owners can analyze KPIs over a specific period or in dynamics to assess their activity against their goals. You can build various combinations of such a report to see any change in a particular metric of your business like sales or repair job completion rate and look at it from different perspectives.

How can I manage the inventory of my game console repair business in Orderry?


Orderry offers advanced warehouse automation capabilities that suit any company size. With the built-in inventory management system, you can control your stock of parts and manage the end-to-end process of safekeeping the game consoles of your clients. Create and configure multiple Asset Warehouses to know their actual physical location and to be able to transfer assets automatically based on your business logic and unique patterns of logistics.

Does Orderry have a tool for scheduling appointments?


Yes, you can schedule your client's appointments on the all-in-one success platform Orderry. The Work Order Scheduler helps you find a free technician at a convenient time for the client and evenly distribute a location resource workload. After an appointment is scheduled, the system will send out SMS or email alerts to customers and employees involved in the repair process. This tool is also connected with the Employee Work Schedules so you can keep track of the working time of your team.

What should I do to get access to the Orderry’s free trial?


To test all of the program's features, all you have to do is to create an account. You don't need to download and install the program or ask for help from programmers. After signing up, you will have access to the initial settings of your account: document templates, forms, and product/service directories which are necessary for the daily operation of your repair shop. You will be able to test all features with no limits during the free trial period to see what works best for you. When it’s over, you will be offered three subscription plans to choose from — Hobby, Startup, and Business.

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