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Orderry App Update on iOS: Works, Materials, and Payments

If you use the Orderry App on iOS, you can now see not only the list of available work orders but also the details of each of them: customer data, general information about the work order, and the asset. It is also possible to overview further details like added works, services, materials, and payments.

There is a new Works and Materials block in the Order Details tab. Here, you will see:

  • each work, service, and product added to the work order
  • the employee they are assigned to
  • all the related information about discounts, taxes, costs, etc.
  • the total amount of the work order

Tap on a work, service, or product to open a detail view window (just like you do in the web version of Orderry).
work-and-materials-en.PNG (48 KB)
You can also expand the line with the total amount of the work order to see the total discount, tax amount, and estimated profit.
order-total-en.png (55 KB)
Next to the total amount of the work order, there is a block with information about payments. See all prepayments, payments, and returns to the client in the particular work order.
payments-en.PNG (36 KB)
As in the previous version of the mobile app, all the data is currently available in read-only mode enabling you to view all available work order information on the go in a convenient format. To evaluate the new features, update your Orderry App on iOS to the latest version. If you haven't installed it yet, here's a link to download the app from the App Store.

And with the next update, you will be able to change work order statuses and edit general information fields.

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