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Product bulk actions and supplier returns in new Orderry

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Selling, writing-off, transferring, exporting, changing the product category, and printing labels for multiple items made easy with Orderry bulk product actions. Navigate to the "Inventory > Stock" page, check the needed items, and select the operation you want to perform.

Let's consider each product bulk action in detail.

Product bulk transferring

Check the needed products or select all by checking the Checkbox table column. Hit the More actions button and select the Transfer option. This will open the transfer dialog window with all selected products already added to a transfer list. Just pick the destination warehouse and hit the Transfer button.

You can edit the product quantity in the corresponding product entry. In case you transferred products by mistake, you can always transfer them back.

Product bulk write-off

Product bulk write-off is perfect for cleaning a specific warehouse. The process is similar to bulk transfer. You select the products, hit the More actions button, choose the Write-off option, and confirm the operation in the write-off dialog window.

Product bulk category change

Choose the Change category option from the More actions dropdown list and select the new category for selected products in the category dialog window.

group-actions-1.png (53 KB)

Product bulk price tag printing

Select the needed products from the stock balance, hit the printer icon, and select the Price tag printing option. This will open a price tag printing dialog window, where you choose the price type and edit the price tag quantity for each product.

Product bulk label printing

Select the needed products from the stock balance, hit the printer icon, and select the Label printing option. This will open a label printing dialog window, where you choose the price type and edit the label quantity for each product.

group-printing-lables-pricetags-1.png (50 KB)

Edit the existing label template or create a new one on the "Settings > Document templates" page.

Supplier returns

You can return the products to suppliers only from their posting documents. Open the needed document and hit the Supplier return button on the bottom of the page.

return-from-posting-1.png (38 KB)

This will open a supplier return dialog window associated with a corresponding posting document.

By default, Orderry displays the product quantity available for return for a warehouse that you initially posted products. The system will return an empty table to an employee with no access rights for this warehouse. At the same time, the application will display all warehouses accessible by the employee with a current product non-zero stock.

new-supplier-return.png (38 KB)

Select the warehouse and the product quantity you need to return to a supplier. Additionally, you can edit the product price, or enter the item serial numbers (if the serial accounting is enabled for this product).

Serial product return in Orderry

Remember: you can only return products from a single warehouse. With that in mind, transfer all needed products to the same warehouse before performing a return or create several supplier returns.

As soon as you choose the product quantity, leave a comment, and hit the Return button.

Note: Check the Cashbox income checkbox if the supplier transfers funds for the products return right away. In this case, the income dialog window will open upon return operation.

Payment for supplier return in Orderry

This income will appear in the Cashbox cash flow and in the supplier card in the Payments section with the Supplier return [document №] comment.

Supplier return documents list

View all your supplier returns for a selected period on the "Inventory > Purchase returns" page. You can see the posting and return numbers, supplier name, an employee that created a return, comment, and return sum.

List of purchase returns in Orderry

Your employees can view and print any document if they have the corresponding rights in the system.

How to print the purchase return document in Orderry

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