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Work Order List and Details in the Orderry App on iOS

We are steadily approaching the goal of making a convenient and functional mobile application for processing work orders. And today there are a lot of new features in the Orderry application for iOS users:

  • Displaying a list of location work orders with the filter, sort, and search functionality
  • Overview of general information about a particular work order
  • Possibility to contact customers or managers directly from the application
  • Customer data overview

Let's take a closer look at all the features.

New Tabs in the Orderry Mobile App

There are now three tabs in the app:

  • Work Orders. There will be a list of all available work orders of the selected location in the tab. You can quickly find and open any work order you need
  • QR Scanner. Scanning of work order QR codes is now located here
  • Settings. Here, you can configure the use of Face/Touch ID, work order card info, as well as open the support chat.

order-list-en.png (46 KB)
By default, the app opens displaying the "Work Orders" tab. Although you don’t need to scan the QR code of the work order to open it now, this possibility remains for several reasons:

  • Scanning a QR code will be sometimes faster than using the search, e.g. if you have a printed document with the code at hand
  • In the future versions, there will be QR codes in other documents, so you will be able to find sales, postings, etc. with a QR scanner.

Next, let’s have a look at the enhancements of the "Work Orders" tab.

Work Order List, Filters, and Search

As we mentioned above, you can now see a list of all available work orders by location in the mobile app. They are displayed as cards on which you can customize information yourself.
order-card-settings-en.png (18 KB)
In a few clicks, you can use filters that are already available in the web version of Orderry on the "Work Orders" page and sort work orders by creation date, completion date, or appointment time.
filters-en.png (18 KB)
And if you need to quickly open a specific work order, you can use the search, which works quite similarly to the web version. That is, you can simply enter the customer's name or phone number, serial number/IMEI/VIN, product brand, or model in the search. It is also possible to search for work orders by custom fields, by a work order number, or by an asset number. 

For detailed instructions on how to use the search by work orders, visit our Knowledge Base. But what will you see when you find the needed document?

Work Order Details in the Mobile App

If previously when you scanned the QR code of the work order its event feed opened, now you’ll see the "Work Order Details" tab. Since we can't divide all the information into multiple tabs in the mobile app, in the work order details you will see all the data in the following order:

  • information about the work order: its type, location, status, manager, and assigned specialist
  • customer data
  • asset details
  • all of the fields on the "General Info" tab in the web version of Orderry

In the current version of the application, all of this information can only be viewed. However, you can still leave comments, attach and view photos and files by switching to the event feed.
order-details-en.png (25 KB)
You've probably noticed that the order of the fields in the mobile app is slightly different from the web version. But this is done for convenience and speed of action. For example, if you see an overdue work order, you don't have to scroll to the bottom to find the person responsible. You see this information first thing and can click on the "More Actions" icon to call the work order manager and the customer or copy the work order link.

Clicking on the customer's name will open his/her profile with all data, the same will happen when you click on the asset. This data cannot be changed yet either, only viewed.
client-en.png (45 KB)
That's all, friends. What will happen next? In the coming version of the Orderry App, there will be a display of works, services, materials, and payments of the work order. Further, we will be able not only to edit but also to create work orders via the mobile app.

Now, it’s time to update your app and even more so to install it if you still haven't. You can find the download link here. Your feedback is very important to us, so if you have any comments or suggestions, be sure to write them below the article or in our support chat.

We're also working hard and doing our best to update the Orderry app for all devices at the same time. So, new features will soon appear in the Android app as well.

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