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New Filtering Choices in the Orderry Work Orders App

Welcome to the latest update of the Orderry Work Orders app! In this release, we're thrilled to introduce the advanced work order filtering capabilities.

Previously, the mobile app enabled you to apply filters to work orders based on presets created in the web version of Orderry. While those presets remain at your disposal, you can now independently configure filters directly within the mobile app by using the following criteria:

  • Status
  • Work order type
  • Creation date
  • Due date
  • "Scheduled for" field
  • Manager
  • Assigned Specialist

For filters like Status, Work order type, Manager, and Assigned specialist, you have the flexibility to select one, multiple, or all values. When it comes to Creation date, Due date, and the "Scheduled for" field, you can choose any day, week, month, or set a custom period.

mobile-new-filters-en.webp (23 KB)

It's important to note that the Due date and Scheduled for filters are available exclusively in the mobile app. Additionally, you can assign the "Overdue" value to them, making it easy to compile a list of overdue work orders.

And please be aware that if you apply a saved filter, any custom filters will be disregarded. If you wish to swiftly reset all parameters, just make use of the "Clear filter" button.

We've also made significant improvements to the sorting feature. You can now sort work orders based on their creation dates, due dates, and appointment times in both ascending and descending order.

mobile-new-sorting-en.webp (25 KB)

By leveraging these new sorting and filtering options, you can seamlessly tailor your view to your specific needs. For instance, at the start of a workday, a field worker can filter orders scheduled for the day and sort them in ascending order, ensuring a clear chronological workflow.

And that wraps up today's update. We're thrilled to share that we're currently in the process of developing push notifications for the Work Orders app. This feature will eliminate the need for SMS, email, or Telegram bot usage to keep your employees in the loop about events in your Orderry account.

To make use of the new app features, update it to the latest version. If you haven't installed the app yet, now is the perfect time to do so. Simply follow the links to the App Store and Google Play.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this update or any mobile app features, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below or reach out to our Support team through the chat function.

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