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Location resources and Order Scheduler improvements

update-resources-cover.png (46 KB)

Within a week of the previous update, we are ready to introduce you the next one ?

Prior to this update, in Orderry it was possible to plan work with orders only on the workload of specialists. But after all, other resources often play an important role in planning, for example, at car services these are lifts. That is why the concept of location "Resources" appeared in Orderry, and now they can also be taken into account in the advanced registration of clients.

But before you plan something, you need to add these resources. To do this, navigate to the "Settings > Locations" page and add the available resources.

location-resources.png (50 KB)

After you have added at least one resource, the "Resource" drop-down list will appear in the "Client appointment" field. You can use the corresponding variable {Order Resource} for this field in printed documents.

resource-field.png (36 KB)

And in the Scheduler, you can now display orders in two ways: by artist and by resource.

resource-switcher.png (35 KB)

And this is not the only improvement in the Order Scheduler – we’ll tell you more about the rest right now ?

Order Scheduler Improvements

The attentive reader has already noticed another switcher in the previous screenshot – now you can watch the scheduled orders not only for the day but also for the week ?

week-scheduler.png (51 KB)

There are also additional settings for displaying information and time steps. Now, in addition to the order number, you can enable the display of the product, client name and even address. Or maybe you decide that nothing should be displayed here – it's up to you.

scheduler-settings.png (56 KB)

As for the time step, the earlier in the timing of client records with the cursor movement you "walked" for 5 minutes. Now the default setting is the same, but you can choose a step in 10, 15, 30 and 60 minutes.

scheduler-step-in-time.gif (314 KB)

Also in this update, we fixed some bugs and inconveniences in Orderry. In particular, now an employee can edit an order located in a different location (if he has access to it) without leaving the current location.

Future changes in getting a list of clients through the API

Now when you use the method https://api.orderry.com/clients/ Orderry returns a complete list of clients with their data. With a large number of customers it can lead to incorrect operation. Therefore, from April 15 for this method, we introduce pagination and the list of clients will be returned page by page for 50 objects.

From this date using the old example:

curl -G https://api.orderry.com/clients/ -d "token=7bab555b5ed075353de2263dd50a394c84a4625a" -d "juridical=0" -d "supplier=0"

Orderry will return the list of clients from the first page:


    "count": 135,

    "page": 1,

    "data": [...],

    "success": true


In the "data" key there will be 50 (from 1 to 50 inclusive) objects with client data.

To get a list of other clients, you need to pass the parameter page=N in the request.


curl -G https://api.orderry.com/clients/ -d "token=7bab555b5ed075353de2263dd50a394c84a4625a" -d "juridical=0" -d "supplier=0" -d "page=2".

As a result, Orderry will return the list of clients from the second page:


    "count": 135,

    "page": 2,

    "data": [...],

    "success": true


In the "data"key there will be 50 (from 51 to 100 inclusive) objects with customer data.

If you use the API, please make the necessary changes to the method on April 15. Finally, we leave a link to the full documentation of the Orderry API, where you will find a detailed description of each method with examples of use.

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