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Custom Integration with Online Stores via CSV File

Custom integration with online stores allows you to automatically upload data about stock levels of products from the Orderry warehouses to any marketplace or online store. Previously you could integrate Orderry only with online stores that support import via XLS file. But now, you can also upload stock levels via CSV file.

So starting from now, when you want to configure any custom integration, you have to:

1. Navigate to the Settings > Integrations page and find the Custom integration with online stores.
integrations-custom-integration-en.png (61 KB)
2. Tick the Integration enabled checkbox and click on the + File button.
custom-integration-dialogue-en.png (79 KB)
3. Specify the online store’s name and URL.

4. Configure the upload parameters: warehouses, file format (XLS or CSV), delimiter for CSV (comma, slash, semicolon, vertical bar, or tab), etc.

5. Configure columns in the file.

6. Tick the File upload enabled checkbox and save settings.
csv-delimiter-en.png (74 KB)
7. Copy the link to the upload file and use it at your online store account.
copy-upload-link-en.png (79 KB)
8. By the way, previously, you could upload the stock levels of only one warehouse. But you can choose multiple warehouses now. So you’ll save time configuring the upload file for every warehouse.
custom-integration-warehouses-en.png (73 KB)

As usual, you can find more detailed and structured instructions at the Orderry Help Center. And if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments or contact Orderry support via chat.

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