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Work Order App on Android: Client Address on Map and Other Improvements

We're happy to announce the newest Orderry Work Order App update. It contains a lot of minor but functional improvements to increase your productivity and user experience. You can now:

  • View the client's address from the work order list and open it on the maps
  • Edit asset profile
  • Copy data from the work order, client, asset, and payment fields
  • Use the barcode scanner to search on the Work orders tab
  • Open the Orderry Help Center to find the answers to your questions

Let's take a closer look at the new features of the Work Order App.

Client Address in Work Order List and on Map

We always look for ways to save time for field workers and make their work more efficient. That's why now, on the Settings tab, you can add the client's address to the card in the work order list.

android-client-address-on-order-card-en.webp (49 KB)

Moreover, from the open work order, you open the address on the map and instantly build the route. Just press the "more actions" icon and choose the needed action.

android-client-address-on-map-en.webp (48 KB)

Editing Asset Info

If you need to change some information about the asset from the work order, you can easily do that from your Android smartphone. Open the asset profile, press the "more actions" button, and choose "Edit". Then you can tap on any field and edit its value.

android-edit-asset-2-en.webp (26 KB)

Copying Data from Fields

It is one more small but helpful improvement. If you need to copy data from any field in a work order, client, asset, or payment, just long-press the needed field and press the "Copy to clipboard" button.

android-copy-data-from-field-en.webp (32 KB)

Barcode Scanner in the Work Order Search

If you stick assets with barcode labels or use work order barcodes in print documents, you can use the barcode scanner on the Work Orders tab. Just tap on the search icon and then on the barcode button.

android-work-order-barcode-scanner-en.webp (37 KB)

Redesigned Settings Tab and Work Order Event Feed

We redesigned the Settings tab and the work order Event feed for more convenient and efficient usage. So now, on the Settings tab, you can:

  • Navigate to the Orderry Help Center in one tap
  • Rate the Work Order App for the Google Play

As for the Event feed, it's more similar to the chat now with the text area at the bottom, so you can keep your colleagues updated more conveniently.

android-redesigned-settings-event-feed-en.webp (51 KB)

Also, with this update, we've fixed some bugs in the app, including incorrect work of filters on the Work orders tab. So update your app to use its newest version. If you still need to install it on your Android smartphone, you will find the link to Google Play here.

With the following December update of the Work Order App, you will get the task manager to create, view, and close tasks on your smartphone wherever you are.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please, share them with us in the comments section below or contact the Orderry Support team.

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