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Orderry App on Android: Adding and Editing Services and Products

Hey there! Did you miss our Orderry App updates? Because we did. But today we’re happy to announce its new features for Amdroid users:

  • adding services, works, and products to the work orders
  • editing items that have already been added to the work orders

And that’s how we made the app one step closer to the complete tool for work order processing. Let’s take a closer look at new features.

Adding Services and Works

Open a work order at the Order details tab and press the Add service/work button. Here you can choose an item from the list or use search, or scan the barcode.

You can increase or decrease the quantity of the service/work using the +/- buttons or just type in the needed quantity.
android-add-service-work-en.png (86 KB)

If you search service/work by the name or barcode that doesn’t exist in Orderry, you still can add such an item and save it to the price list, just like in the web version.

Adding Products and Materials

Press the Write off from the warehouse button and choose a warehouse.

android-write-off-from-warehouse-en.png (67 KB) 

Here you also have three options on how to find the product:

  • choose it from the available list
  • use the search
  • scan the barcode of the item 

android-product-list-scanner-search-en.png (137 KB) 
After that, possible options depend on whether or not the product is serialized or bin location is enabled:

  1. If you search for the serialized product, you can scan the barcode of the serial number or choose the needed serial numbers manually.
  2. Suppose you search for the non-serialized product but use bin locations. In that case, you have to specify the quantity for every bin from which you want to write off the product.
  3. If you search for the non-serialized product and don’t use bin locations, you must specify the quantity.

android-serial-non-serial-products-en.png (147 KB)
This way, you can fill the list of items from the warehouse to add them in bulk. Note, if you’ve selected some product from one warehouse. Then you want to switch to another one. You won’t be able to do that until you write off or clear the list of selected items.
If the name or barcode of the product you want to add to the order does not exist in stock, you can still add the product, just like in the web version. But keep in mind that items that are added without posting to the warehouse are not taken into account in any report, and you will not be able to track the history of their movement.

Editing Services and Works

If you want to edit service or work, tap on it. Here you can edit almost all data: unit price, cost, discount, client warranty, specialist, quantity, and comment. For example, tap on quantity or unit price and enter the needed value.

android-edit-service-qty-en.png (110 KB) 
Or tap on the specialist name to choose another employee from the list.
android-edit-service-specialist-en.png (53 KB)

Don’t forget to save the work order.

Editing Products and Materials

Product editing is almost identical to editing services. Here you also can change unit price, cost, discount, client warranty, specialist, and comment.

android-edit-product-warranty-en.png (67 KB)
But if you want to change item quantity, you have to delete it from the work order first and then add it again in the needed quantity.

What’s next?

Next, we are going to add cashboxes and payments to the app. So you can close work orders and accept payments for them. But for now, update your Orderry app to start using new features immediately. And if you haven’t installed it yet, you can find a link to the App Store here.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments or contact our support team via chat.

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