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Orderry Stands With Ukraine

The terrifying war in Ukraine is affecting the whole world. The Orderry team does not stand apart. Neither should you. Learn why saving Ukraine is the highest priority for everyone now and how we all can help.

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What is Happening in Ukraine?
Ukrainians Are Resisting With Extraordinary Courage
The War in Ukraine Resonates Globally
Orderry Supports Ukraine
How You Can Help Bring Peace Back to Ukraine

What is Happening in Ukraine?

Russia brutally attacked Ukraine along the entire borderline, from the territory of Belarus and the Black Sea on February 24, 2022. Since that horrible day, Russian forces have been blasting Ukrainian cities with aircraft, cruise missiles, and even forbidden phosphorus bombs drastically destroying infrastructure and killing thousands of civilians.

According to the Russian state-controlled media, the goal of this bloody war was to "demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine". Russian propaganda has been claiming there were Nazis and genocide in Ukraine for years without providing any proof or organizing international investigations. This is merely the reason Russia as the largest nuclear state justifies its ruthlessness against the sovereign democratic country Ukraine.

Destruction in cities across Ukraine since February 24, 2022

Ukrainians Are Resisting With Extraordinary Courage

The Russian army violates all human rights in Ukraine — they kill civilians, children, bomb peaceful cities and villages, use weapons banned by the Geneva Protocol. But Russian soldiers are facing fierce resistance everywhere and from everyone. Ukrainians are defending their freedom and democracy, their homes and families. The whole world is impressed by the resilience and courage of Ukrainian defenders both armed and unarmed.

Putin picked the wrong country to mess with” — The New York Times

Don’t just admire the courage you see in Ukraine. Summon your own.” — Forbes

Kyiv, the city of courage” — Daily Mail

Unarmed Ukrainians standing up to Russian advances
to Europe's largest nuclear power plant of Enerhodar

The War in Ukraine Resonates Globally

Russia's invasion of Ukraine triggered worldwide boycotts of Russia and Belarus in business relations, media, and sport. The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution demanding that Russia immediately withdraws its military forces from Ukraine. 41 countries requested the International Criminal Court to investigate war crimes of the Russian army against humanity committed on the territory of Ukraine. Global companies, big and small, are leaving the Russian market. Celebrities from different countries show their solidarity and make donations to support Ukrainian resistance. More and more countries are welcoming millions of refugees escaping the war in Ukraine who are mostly women with children. The message is clear — the world wants an end to human suffering in Ukraine.

Little Ukrainians thank nations hosting them during this war

Orderry Supports Ukraine

As an international company, we respect freedom, democracy, human dignity, and the sovereignty of nations. As human beings, we feel deeply hurt by an increasing number of children killed, refugees leaving their homes, peaceful cities being bombarded to ashes — and all these in the middle of Europe in the 21st century! To most of Orderry’s team members, Ukraine is not just a country that all international media are now buzzing about. Ukraine is our homeland. Our roots and our hearts are there. 

On the company level, we’ve supported Ukrainian small businesses with free subscriptions so they can operate during this horrible crisis. We also define ourselves as fighters on the economic frontline — we are doing our best to provide a high-quality product to our customers so each of us will be able to donate, volunteer, and help refugees for as long as needed.

How You Can Help Bring Peace Back to Ukraine

Resistance is not solely about tanks and guns. Fighting against Russian aggression is not about one country. While you are living in a safe place far away from the carnage and destruction, you can show your solidarity with Ukraine. Your cross-border support for resistance can take many forms:

Fight propaganda.
Share proven information from reliable sources on your social media, talk to people in your country to raise awareness of what is really happening in Ukraine.

Influence political decisions.
Go to demonstrations in your city to put pressure on your authorities and claim to take real action against Putin’s invasion of the sovereign European country.

. This is a list of official funds we trust:

Fund of Ukraine's Armed Forces
Voices of Children
United Help Ukraine
Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund


Let’s fight together for global security and a peaceful future for our children!
Your Orderry team

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