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New Orderry Payroll is Coming Soon

Hello, our dear Orderry users! Many of you know that we've been working on a new Payroll in Orderry for a long time. And you are not prepared for what's coming soon. But we want you to be, so we've decided to give you a brief overview of what's coming soon.

What Will the New Payroll Module Contain

We've analyzed many Orderry users' suggestions to cover most of your needs. The new Payroll module will contain the following:

  • New features for automatic payroll calculations: monthly, daily, and hourly base salary, and expanded list of commission calculation rules
  • Payroll accrual to the employees' balances with a history of accruals and control of pays
  • More convenient and controlled settings for payroll calculation
  • A single list of all extra commissions configured for the particular products, services, labors, and their categories
  • Separate page for employees where they can view their calculated compensations and payroll calculation rules.

See? That's what we were talking about. Moreover, the new Payroll in Orderry will differ in features and interface. So please make yourself comfortable, and let's take a closer look at new things.

Payroll Calculation

The payroll calculation won't be retrospective anymore, as it works now with the Payroll Report. In the Finance section, you will have a new page to view the calculated payroll in real-time. The Payroll Calculation table will contain the following:

  • base salary and commissions amounts, which Orderry calculates automatically
  • penalties and bonuses, which you can create manually

payroll-calculation-en.webp (31 KB)
For the automatically calculated part of the payroll, you can configure the moment of calculation: the day for the base salary and "immediately" or status of the work order/lead for commissions.

Also, you will be able to view every employee's detailed calculation and add penalty or bonus if needed.
payroll-calculation-employee-en.webp (26 KB)

Payroll Accruals

When the month is over, you can accrue the calculated payroll to the employees' balances. To accrue the payroll, you will need one of the following ways:

  • on the Payroll Calculation page, tick needed employees and click the Create accrual button
  • on the Payroll Accruals page, click the + Accrual button.

payroll-accruals-en.webp (22 KB)
In the accrual window, you also can view detailed information by every employee and create penalties or bonuses.

You can accrue payroll for all employees or just a few. Also, you can save the accrual as a draft and finish it later.

Employees' Balances and Pay Control

As we said, you can accrue the payroll when the month is over. Still, you can pay your employees a few times a month. Therefore, on the Salary tab in the employee's profile, you will see the following:

  • The current balance of an employee
  • The calculated amount that you need to accrue to the employee's balance
  • The payable amount which is based on the non-accrued amount and the current employee's balance

So the pay frequency doesn't matter. By the end of the month, you must be settled up with your employees.
employee-salary-en.webp (33 KB)
Also, on the Salary tab, you can create a bonus or penalty for an employee.

Payroll Calculation Rules

With the new Payroll module, you will have a separate tab for payroll settings on the Settings > Employees page and in the employee's profile. On the Settings > Employees page, there will be:

  • List of all created commission rules
  • Summary table of employees' compensations with specified base salary and applied commission rules
  • A single list of all extra commissions configured for particular services, labors, products, and their categories

employees-calculation-rules-en.webp (47 KB)
So here, you will be able to create, edit, and delete commission calculation rules as well as control all parts of employees' compensation.

In the employee's profile, you will be able to:

  • set up the calculation of monthly, daily, and/or hourly base salary along with non-working days
  • apply commission calculation rules
  • configure coefficients for extra commissions

employee-profile-calculation-rules-en.webp (36 KB)
So here you will be able to set up a very flexible calculation for all parts of employee's compensation.

My Compensation in the User Profile

If you want your employees to see their compensation, they will be able to do that in the User Profile. There will be the My Compensation page where they can view the table similar to the one on the Payroll Calculation. Also, they will be able to view all payroll calculation rules that you've configured for them.
my-salary-en.webp (38 KB)
And that's a wrap on our brief overview of the coming-soon Payroll in Orderry. We are preparing a detailed news article and new user guides for you. Just wait until the release date to find out all the secrets.

Already have some thoughts? Please, share them with us in the comments below or contact the Orderry Support team via chat!

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