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New API methods for working with a warehouse

api-update.png (55 KB)

If you have already integrated Orderry with the site or just plan to do it for simplifying and speeding up the work with goods, you will definitely like the new API methods. Now you can:

  • get serial numbers of goods and a list of bins they are located in;
  • get a list of bins from the needed warehouse;
  • create a posting to an available warehouse, changing the stock quantity of already existing product names;
  • create a transferring of goods from one warehouse to another and get a list of existing transfers;
  • create a write-off from the warehouse and get a list of write-off documents.

Look for descriptions of requests and responses in the API Documentation.

The upcoming update of cashbox payment dialogs

Now we are preparing an update which will make payments at the cashbox much more pleasant:

  1. Choosing the cash box office will be tied to cash and non-cash payments. Therefore, we recommend you check if all the cashboxes type are indicated correctly.
    new-cashbox-widget-en.gif (212 KB)
  2. In case of cash payment, you'll have the Cash accepted field, with which Orderry calculates the change for you.
    new-payment-dialogue-en.png (56 KB)
  3. If you want to make a payment retroactively, you'll be able to select not only the date but also the exact time.
    time-picker-en.png (51 KB)
  4. When making payments by cashbox manually, on the Payments page, you'll have the possibility to select another cashbox (it's convenient if you have a lot of cashboxes and the one you need is somewhere far below).
  5. If you make a payment by cashbox manually, then when you open the payment dialog, the cursor will immediately stand in the sum input field. If it is a cash payment for an order or sale, the cursor will be in the Cash accepted field.

Stay tuned for Orderry updates so as not to miss these and other changes.

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